Are free CRMs good to use?

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There are many CRM brands in the market today. From free to commercial ones that users would have a hard time to decide which one to select among the choices.

I have seen one among the advertised ones. ConvergeHub is an all-in-one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that handles the marketing, sales, billing and customer support service from just one platform. Yes, not all CRMs are capable of handling all these tasks. This makes this CRM stand out from the rest. Their Starter and Pro Editions, while fairly priced, lack features in order to be really useful for the companies. Well, you could use the Premium Edition where all features are available but that would be costly. For the bigger companies that need customization, they also offer that service but the price would already be too expensive. The storage that they offer across their packages is low. With this very limited storage capacity, what happens when you have many data to save? And for mobility, they have mobile apps for both Android and Apple devices, but its features are very limited that it defeats the purpose of having those apps to make things easy to manage. To summarize, ConvergeHub may offer many amazing features but it is not that good due to its high pricing as compared to its more popular competitors, interface is a bit difficult to use and not that user-friendly and most of all the limited features of its mobile apps would leave you asking for more.

So, among the commercial ones, which one is the best?
Among the few free ones, which one is the best?
Could we rely entirely on that best free software, as a good alternative to a commercial one, should we select it? In other words, would it still be usable like a commercial one?
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Cloud CRM

by Andrew_dew In reply to Are free CRMs good to use ...
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Are free CRMs good to use?

by SparrowJ In reply to Are free CRMs good to use ...

Free CRMs generally don’t have the advanced bells and whistles that come with paid versions, but they can be valuable for small businesses new to CRM software or for larger businesses with many CRM users who don’t want to pay a per-user fee.

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