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Are lap tops good for continuous use?

By mjdavies ·
In connection with a question, which I have been put from a church-based NGO based in an African country, a discussion has arisen concerning the advisability of using lap top computers instead of stationary PC's at a location where the only power source available is solar - combined with battery and inverter or UPS. Concern has been expressed about whether lap tops really are the best solution when taking operating reliability into consideration.

Does anyone have any useful advice in this connection?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Are lap tops good for con ...

While it's generally a Personal Preference and related to the job at hand I have always believed that a Desktop Computer is the better option. They tend to last longer and are generally speaking more reliable.

NB's on the other hand lead a Hard Life and the most common thing that I see are Dead Note Book HDD's followed by broken monitors but far more dead HDD's than anything else.

They also run much hotter than desktop Drives so that may contribute to their shorter life span but I honestly believe that it's because of the way that they are handeled that causes this to happen.
There is also the problem with the range of Viewability associated with LCD Screens which is fairly small and their potential short life expecentcy as well. If you are paying good money for these things you'll get a lot more for your money with Desktop's than with NB's as they are just cheaper and easy to repair/upgrade as required where as with a NB you generally have the option of changing the HDD to somethig bigger and adding more RAM and that's about the limit of any upgrading possible.

The down side is that in this situation the Desktops will conusme more power than a NB so if you have limited Inverter capacity this could also be an issue.

I would personally prefer desktops but you'll need to conside the max constant Watage available and then the number of computers that will be used in the place and then make a decission from there.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Are lap tops good for con ...

laptops are in use as desktop replacements pretty commonly now. i don't think you have much choice if you need to run on solar. desktops too power hungry. go for it. just buy a good top line brand and get the extended warranty is my 2 cents

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