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Are laser printers killing us from the toner fumes and inhaled particles?

By Big Ole Jack ·

What do you guys think?

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by Dedlbug In reply to Are laser printers killin ...

I read this the other day. It's just another piece of information I look at and say, "Oh well". It's just one more thing in life to worry about. I'm not so sure how accurate these "tests" are, but to me it doesn't matter. I guess in today's world, I rather die from cancer than give up laser printers.

I'm sure, if this story gains popularity and it turns out Laser printers have to change down the road, then it's a good thing. ...Untill you have the new "Toxic free Laser Printers". Then all of the laser printers I have now, will nicknamed the "Death" printers.

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Laser printers will soon require state emissions inspections like cars

by Big Ole Jack In reply to Probably

That'll be the day...LOL

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If you follow the other links

by The Scummy One In reply to Are laser printers killin ...

like to the update it shows the list of printers tested. The original articles that came out mentioned HP as the leader in the pollution, but the reason for this is apparent when looking at the models tested. Almost all were HP printers, not a good basis for a study, but a basis to target a company. No wonder they did not release the list right away.

Anyway, according to their study as well, HP has the highest 'non polluter' ratio as well, which covers considerably more models than the polluters. And, that different environments and print jobs themselves produce different results.

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Very limited exposure

by mjd420nova In reply to Are laser printers killin ...

Most laser and LED type printers that filter toner unto a photo drum will could emit small toner particles. Some will clog a paper sheet and the sheet is yanked from the machine and it snags the corona wire. At that point the fault will quickly emit some noxious fumes. Some labs have placed their units in seperate rooms in either vented cabinets or racks. Some places are just not the place to put a laser type printer, let alone any kind of printer.

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by dawgit In reply to Are laser printers killin ...

Not if you're not snorting too close to it. I can't think of any good reasons to have a nose that close to one to be sucking up the dust. Another Enviro-wako-media hype to make the top story. -d

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