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Are MCSE 14 day boot camps good to take?

By hayward_room ·
Just wondering if there are any folks out here who have taken the MCSE 14 day boot camps before? Was it a good/bad expereince for you? Is it right to take an accelerated fast paced program? Would a longer mcse training class for 6 months be better (they offer it at Heald College)?

Let me know what your thoughts are with this?


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Depends on your experience.

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Are MCSE 14 day boot camp ...

When it comes to Bootcamps the value really depends on what level of experience you have with the technologies covered. These bootcamps are meant for seasoned Windows Systems administrators who already know the material pretty well, the Bootcamps helps embed the missing pieces of information so these professionals can take the certs.

If you don't already know the material quite well I would say these bootcamps would be a waste of time and money for you. There is no way you can learn all that you need to know as an MCSE in 14 days, and if by some miracle you managed to pass the tests you would be the sterotypical "Paper MCSE" with very few applicable real-life skills.

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Paper MCSEs' are weeded out during job interviews, so save your $$$$

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Depends on your experienc ...

and will never land a job because they will fail miserably during the technical portion of the interview in which many interviewers will ask real life situation questions and not typical questions found in some MCSE study guide. Again, experience plays a key role in this, and simply running around with a certification with no experience to back it is no different than your typical grade school brat who runs around bragging that he/she is smarter than everyone else.

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they have a point

by Dr Dij In reply to Paper MCSEs' are weeded o ...

these courses you get much more out of if you have studied it already. will help sharpen your skills and get ready to pass exam.

Why don't you try something dirt cheap?
join, they have thousand+ thomson net-g courses online you can take while you are a member, $109/year.

Mindleaders also has dozens and dozens of m$ courses. the questions asked every few pages keep your attention and make sure you understood rather than dozing off or grooving on iPod or watching iTV or running in your iRan running shoes or loading 21,000 more things onto your new miraculous multi-shelf electronically enhanced iRaq :)

Slide thru 20+ of these course (4-6 hrs each) and you'd be ready for a test or more courses where you would actually get some more useful out of it. Each course you pass also has cert you can print. not alot by itself but a bunch of them same topic shows you've been plugging away at a topic.

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i hate these statements

by enderle.matt In reply to Paper MCSEs' are weeded o ...

people complain about people with certs and a lack of experience mainly because the people with experience dont take the time to get the certs and get mad to see a well certified person get jobs strictly because of the certs..

my advise.. take the boot camp with no expectations take it to learn.. take the info and build up a network at home and break it and fix it a little..

this is better than nothing.. i mean after all how do you get the experience without doing at least something..

all these people complaining about experience experience experience.. which is true but you have to make your way up somehow so get an entry level position and take the boot camp and if at the end you feel you are ready go take it if not read some more and experiment

and to whoever just wrote that take some time to appreciate the new guys coming in and dont feel so threatened that they will take your

after all im only 23 and i have over 8 years of experience with referals leaving each position and well certified (A+, Network+, Security+, MSCA: Messaging, CCNA and Associates Degree).. granted thats still an entry level to mid point career marker they have helped me get into every position that I have had from workstation support @ IBM to exchange administrator in large enterprise level network with clustered servers...

by the way - linux is a much better thing to learn to start with. it gets down to the details a little better and you can learn more about the networking side .. ms just makes it pretty and assumes a lot of things.. prob is there is so many ms servers out there you can get more job doors open with it on your resume...

just my 2 cents .. or 2 dollars

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Are MCSE 14 day boot camps good to take?

by hayward_room In reply to Depends on your experienc ...

Thanks for the responses. I have 7+ years of tech field experience and by looking at the curriculum on all these mcse boot camps, most of them either I have done live or have learned in school 4 years back...My company is willing to pay for this certification so money is not really an issue for me. My manager just did advice me to take one course at a time rather taking an intense training. However time is really an issue for me - I have a family that I support and not going to have time to go to school/class everyday just for this exam. I'd like to finish this certification and get it out of the way as much as I can. At the same time grasps all necessary knowledge that I really need that these boot camps has to offer me.

I agree on what the other guys said, regardless of the certs you have, most important is the field/hands on experience you have under your belt. Nevertheless, it's also good to have certs. posted on your resume telling them on how serious you are in the industry.

Having taken my associates degree before which now I am just realizing that all the theories that I have learned in school are not really being applied in real life scenarios - if the problem is here now, you dont follow procedures as stated in your tech book. Rather you deal with it and troubleshoot as much knowledge you know as you can. Thanks.

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back to your orig question

by Dr Dij In reply to Are MCSE 14 day boot camp ...

you have a point. if you have the resources, can be better to learn all at once. better for your company as you then know it rather than stretched out over 8 weeks or year.

Really then all you have to do is rate the bootcamp companies. separate out the cruddy ones. Must be a place that reviews actual experiences with them.

Let us know what you end up taking!

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If the advertising blurb

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Are MCSE 14 day boot camp ...

Says things like get trained and you'll get a really good job at Xk a year, shun it like the plague.
You sound like you are looking at certifying that you know what you know, which was meant to be the point. The crap heads who sell the ability to pass the exam are the bad guys.

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I took a 7-day boot camp and passed all exams

by IT Observer In reply to Are MCSE 14 day boot camp ...

for the very same reason you are considering the boot camp concept. It really helped to fill in the holes but the key is what you want to do with it in the end. If it is for your own benefit and you want to sure up what you already know and get credit for your knowledge I think they work well. Don't get me wrong, they are gruelling at best. I started in a class of 20 and it ended up with 14. If you want to retain what you learn you need to put your new found knowledge to work right away!

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I took a 7-day boot camp and passed all exams

by hayward_room In reply to I took a 7-day boot camp ...

Yes I agree. If you dont put it to use you basically loose it. On my end, I will definitely use this towards my current job.

How were the boot camps, were they pretty intense/shove in your throat type of teaching?

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Camp was intense!

by IT Observer In reply to I took a 7-day boot camp ...

I had a pretty good instructor and the course material was pretty well laid out. But as I said we started with 20 and ended with 14. It's not for someone who can't handle a huge amount of information being handed to them in a short amount of time. It also required complete dedication to the study and could get pretty stressful when it came to testing time. If you don't already have a good foundation it could get ugly.

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