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Are mouseovers on imagemaps possible?

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I hear it is, personally I can't see how? I really need to have a mouseover effect on a very siplied bird wing, each feather being a link, and changing colour when you mouseover. Due to their shape they're impossible to break up in to square images, so they'd have to be an imagemap. If they're an image map, they're not deparate images and thus can't have a mouseover effect?

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Swap entire image

by ekesqueaky In reply to Are mouseovers on imagema ...

I think you would have to swap the entire image. How large (k) is it? If it's not too big, you could preload the swap images and it wouldn't take too long.

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image maps and rollovers -

by schachin In reply to Are mouseovers on imagema ...

i am pretty sure i have done it before though i cannot tell you how - but i think it is possible -wish i could remember how i did it

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layers using DIV tag with css

by Jafrox In reply to image maps and rollovers ...

You might try cutting up the large image into the feather pieces, make the images' background 'transparent' e.g in Macromedia Fireworks. Then put each feather in a tiny layer of its own, necessarily in places overlapping other 'feather layers'. You end up with each feather image having say .... 2 .. stacked layers, each layer containing that same feather except in a different colour (or pattern or whatever). So to recap ... 15 feathers in image ... 15 * 2 layers total. Now use css to mastermindthe visibility of the layers on mouseovers. Sounds complicated and an overuse of layers BUT if the mouseovers/visibility-changes are done programatically with JavaScript functions then it might not take THAT much trouble or that much coding. I've seen similar things done and they need not take up tooo much browser memory.

good luck to anyone who might read this

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