Are my files offline or what?

By tech.staidans ·
Hi. This my understanding of offline files (which, I accept, may be flawed):

If a file on a client says it is offline (by the 2 blue arrows icon), it is
because it isn't attached to the server. Therefore, if I edit the file on
the client computer, save it, and then open it on the server, the changes
shouldn't be visible on the server version - not until synchronisation has

If this is correct, there's something weird going on because when I edit the
offline file on the client PC, the changes are immediately visible on the
server version - and vice versa. Does this mean that all these files and
folders that are apparently offline on the client PCs aren't, and I should
just ignore the offline icon? Also it's only half of the folders - and
sometimes only one or two - that are saying they're offline. That shouldn't
be, should it?

Also, some of the clients keep saying they're no longer connected to the
server. Then I tell them to go back online and they're fine.

I'm new to servers (I've just installed Server 2003) so please be gentle!

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