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Are paid versions of free antivirus software worth the bucks?

By tashfeenmahmud ·
I recently replied to a user on a Google group about AVG antivirus; the software is asking her to buy the paid version, and she can't even update her virus definitions.

I've been through a lot of antivirus experience myself. I write a blog about antiviruses (, and from my experience free antivirus software don't perform as well as the big names. So, are their paid versions any better? I would very much like to get a definitive public opinion (if there ever is such a thing!) on this.

(By the way, I discouraged the lady using AVG to upgrade because AVG hasn't worked out for me.)

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Are paid versions of free ...

Just bumping this back up the chart. I didn't want it to fall off the bottom.

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Re: Bump

by tashfeenmahmud In reply to Bump

Thanks! I'm surprised that no-one's really interested...

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I use AVG free at home. It's never stopped me from updating

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Are paid versions of free ...

I get requests to look at the full version, but I what I get with free seems to do the job.

As a user on the recieving end of Norton and Mcaffee, the only time I mention performance is if I put p1ss and poor before the word.

I'm wondering if this person downloaded AVG Free, or a free trial version of AVG, there is a difference.

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free vs paid

by jdmercha In reply to Are paid versions of free ...

If you go to the GRISoft site you will download a trial version of AVG. This version is not updatable, and will ask you to pay for the full version.

You need to go to to download the free version of AVG. I use both the free version of AVG at home and CA's suite of products which you normally have to pay for, but my ISP provides for free. I have also used McAfee at work. Occasionally I will also use TrendMicro's free system scan via the web.

I have found that AVG performs every bit as good as the paid for products. I prefer to intall it and forget it. But if you like to tweak your settings every once and awhile, than you might be happier with a paid version.

The paid versions also seem to get solutions to new problems a bit quicker. But AVG usually catches up after a day. Keep in mind also that the free version of AVG is free only for home use. If you use it in a business environment then you are in violation of the license agreement.

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Will it blend?

by tashfeenmahmud In reply to free vs paid

Are you sure you provided the right link?

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Simple problem

by ComputerCookie In reply to Are paid versions of free ...

like all commercial product they often try to sell you the "PAID" product before you get to the free version.

Tell her to uninstall her trial "paid" version and get the free product.

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