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    Are Pop-Up Blockers Common in the Workplace?


    by theburbs ·

    I develop web-based enterprise applications and for years have relied on multiple windows to allow for greater focus and separation of tasks. But I now wonder if blockers are being used to any great extent within the workplace, so that such legitamate uses of “pop-ups” would be in jeopardy.

    I know that part of the solution could be solved by simply instructing customers to turn off blockers to use the application. Just as we do to specify the browser version requirements of our products, and the need to allow client-side scripting. But I fear such blanket requirements regarding blockers might strike a nerve.

    Are these things used to any great degree, or are they used more sporadically, based on personal use/habits?

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      Absolute power or oops

      by ed woychowsky ·

      In reply to Are Pop-Up Blockers Common in the Workplace?

      There are companies that require that all pop-ups are blocked, ActiveX is disabled and client-side JavaScript is disabled. It is usually safe to ignore these companies, because they won?t be in business very long, since they usually view computers as overhead instead of as an asset.

      There is an another reason why companies have pop-up blockers. Sometimes they are install along with another piece of software, like the Google Toolbar. In these instances they users may not even know that they have a pop-up blocker.

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