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Are professional quality websites possible with FrontPage 2003?

By mfm ·
Hello everyone. I'm at the beginning of my training in basic HTML and database design. I have a couple of questions about WYSIWYG web editors that may seem amateurish, but this seems to be a discussion list where I might get the answer.

I'm planning on building a commercial website for a business idea that I've been nurturing for a while. I know that I need to have knowledge of HTML code and database design to get where I want to go with my website. But I want to take advantage of a good web editor to make the design process easier.

I've looked at galleries of websites that were built with FrontPage; NetObjects Fusion and Dreamweaver. The examples of sites built with F.P. and N.O. Fusion all have a lack of polish that is evident in the smoothness of the text and graphics i.e., the edges of the fonts and outlines of the graphic images are a little "fuzzy". The website examples from the Dreamweaver gallery are noticeably sharper and more professional looking.

My question is this: Can smooth, sharp text and graphics in a website be created with programs such as FrontPage 2003 or NetObjects Fusion as they are in Dreamweaver? Is the less-than-professional look of the F.P. and N.O. Fusion websites a result of the lack of power of the software or the lack of skill of the software user?

I understand from the reviews I've read that the learning curve for Dreamweaver is relatively steep, and the price of the software is obviously steep. If I can get pleasing results from my website design efforts using F.P. 2003, I would prefer to use it. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Text and graphics

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Are professional quality ...

I hate to say this, but it really doesn?t matter if you use NotePad, Front Page, Homesite, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, or the older Visual Interdev. Once you get past the included drop and drag ?goodies? they?re pretty much the same, text editors that hi-light selected character strings. If you?ll be hand coding HTML and CSS you might want to consider TextPad (www.textpad.com), which is just $29.00 (US). It gives you the opportunity to download syntax files for text hi-lighting.

The crispness that you?re talking about may be attributed to the graphical editor and the skill of the artist/web developer. Graphical packages like Adobe?s Photoshop will set you back about $649.00 (US). There are alternatives, like Adobe?s Photoshop Elements $129.00 (US), but what you need depends on just how graphically intensive your site will be. Personally I get by with Photoshop Elements, but I?m more into the programming than the graphics.

Hope this helps.

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