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Are techs lazy?

By gary ·
All too often I see postings here that are replete with 'txt' style spelling. Is this an example of techs being lazy or is it simply a fad?

Do the techs that use 'txt' speak write documentation that way or have their CV's written in such a style? If not, why is it OK to write that way in forums like these?

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of course..

by Jaqui In reply to Are techs lazy?

we are lazy, our job goal is to have everything running so smoothly that we can get payed to play games all day. :)

as far as the spelling and grammar, or lack thereof in posts, lots of threads on it.
the general consensus is this seems to be more conversation than technical writing, and we all use slang, contractions and techspeek in conversations, so why not here?

I often toss grammar rules out the window, but I do try to use correct spelling. ( proper english, not that bastardized version taught in us schools )

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by jdmercha In reply to Are techs lazy?

Most techs are spoiled be auto-spell-checkers. They are not used to taking the time to have to spell correctly.

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we r not lzy

by Neil Higgins In reply to Spoiled

at all.its jst tht we 4gt ow 2 spel

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by noyoki In reply to Are techs lazy?

For me, I don't have the bloody time to read over my posts atm. Soooo much to do, I'm trying to say want I wanna say (and I generally aim to have it readable too), and get stuff done. If that includes a typo or 5 (and an abbreviation or 3), so be it.

Oh, and I fell in love with parentheticals.... parenthesii... parenthisises... hmm...

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This underlines the whole problem with IT

by gary In reply to uh...


Everything is done in a rush and therefore things get missed out, left out, tripped over or hacked into place normally with the intention of fixing it later but that later fix never appears because people are too busy fire-fighting.

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by noyoki In reply to This underlines the whole ...

It's also job security! Lol. If you had the time to fix everything perfect and pristine, they'd just fire you for lack of things to do.

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This isn't IT

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to This underlines the whole ...

It's a conversational forum. Not even ms's vb compiler could gloss over the number of typos I make on this site.
In my experience in IT things go wrong not because we are making silly mistakes and having to rework, but because we are running around like mad bastuds trying to do the work we said would take six months in the six weeks allowed by the budget.
Hence bodged insecure undocumented cheap *** unrefactored unreadable garbage, that costs more and more to maintain and simply exacerbates the problem.

If I make a spelling mistake in the GUI, QA spot it. If I make a spelling mistake in the code, the compiler/interpreter spots it. If I do an unholy bodge (bodge on top of a bodge on top of a flaw) to make an impractical deadline the next developer to work on the code will curse my name for eternity.

If I make a spelling miskate in my post, **** retentives spot it.

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Not Lazy

by faradhi In reply to This isn't IT

Knot lazy

forget it.. to hard to finish.... :)

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