are the backup software from different vendor following a world standard???

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A company wants to backup and archive their data into LTO tapes and store it off site for long term. There are many backup software from different vendors and each software is used different format and extension. The company needs to use a backup software uses standard format and extension in order to not stick with one vendor during long time.

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all backup solutions are vendor proprietary lock in . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to are the backup software f ...

one backup program cannot read the backups created by another backup program

with the exception of buyouts:
Symantec purchased PowerQuest and subsequent Symantec Backup Exec versions can read PowerQuest Images

the general consensus in the realm of archiving is
Migrate -> Migrate -> Mirate ...

with every new system, OS version etc.
migrate the old data archives to the newer and usually larger storage media

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As said above all Backup Software is Vendor Specific

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to are the backup software f ...

So what you use to backup now has to be used to read that Backup unless you are backing up Plain Data.

Any Image used in any Backup Software needs the same software to read it and quite often it needs the same version of that software to read it. Windows Backup is a perfect example of this so if you backup with Windows XP Backup do not expect to be able to read that Backup with Windows 7 Backup.

The only exception to this is also listed above when companies are bought out there is some overlap in what their new offerings can read. Even then most all Backup Software is Platform Specific so something that is Backed up under Windows is unlikely to be readable when accessed by a BSD, Nix Platform.


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