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Are The Fake Players Getting in Bed With The Real Players ?

By crcgraphix ·
Is the underground world of IT and it's affiliates starting to stir-up a new kind of open software sensation? Well, it is a sensation alright, but not for all. We are constantly seeing more and more of this kind-of operation take place, and this is because the self-mending relationships that are forming with the Cyber-criminals and the Official Software vendors. Why is this so...? Popularity and the unfastened ability to be able to offer 'bad' freeware software with a few of our well known major software companies. The term is known as Counterfeit Freeware or Partially Counterfeit Freeware, and it is becoming a little bit prevalent these days in both the online Internet Download Campaigns and the API Development end on mod-based freeware.

So far, this has been highly under-wraps. But companies like, ZDNet, Apple, and a few well-known others, like Google, and their apps, and what not. So, what is the lowdown?

Some companies have gotten it together with these so called 'fake exploits' like Avast! - they put together a special Morphing Sequence and a channeled alerter box that tells the tech units what to expect with the new strain. You see, this is what the hackers/application programmers are trying to achieve with their win-bots ... They may not be intentionally trying to mess-up your computer, but where there is smoke, there is fire. An article released about how 'Fake Software Prompts Virus Alert' or and article on 'Cybercrime groups forming together with experts' ... well... both of these starting articles are indicative of the real foes out there. What form is this kind of thing really happening in? You might get a download alert, or your web browser might take you to a page that has new downloads, depending on who your account is with. And, here you'll find new a hot software, which will only end-up giving someone access to your whole entire network.

Even Microsoft is a little uneasy right now, because they're coming out with a new software for the tablets and smart-phones called Honeycomb, and apparently it is very important to Enterprise Administrators and assimilating their own cloud protection-based foundation. Sometimes the big-players of Silicone Valley have to play hard-ball with the Pirates of Silicone Valley.

So, we're so far off from protecting our virtual and non-virtual assets in a sense that we could be inadvertently downloading a program that is full of spy-ware capabilities. Even Apple had made a big stink on this issue. They took a counterfeit program off of their site; it was a game called Luagari, and it was full of back-door clients and all sorts of spy-ware. Could it just be a fluke...? Maybe, but these underground software makers are not just making their dough from selling to the big companies, they're also making their ends through constantly growing in mass numbers. Until, someday, they haven't really taken over all of the network access terminals from right before our eyes. But it is something that could definitely happen over time if we let it.

This type of thing happens all over the place, and not just with little free-ware downloads from time-to time, but also pre-released forms of Microsoft which were made "partially legal to certain parties" or even made-upon a special agreement of some sort. The Pirate Bay referred to 27% of their repository of software to be fakes. So, who's in-charge here? The Daytona group has con-spelled that half of the software that they get from private parties hosting a racing service is from independent parties that work with the The Full En-doctrines of Microsoft and their third-party divisions. Well, through this form of piracy, even the Indy 500 is experiencing some minor and major flaws in the system.

So, how about it...? Now, it is just becoming ever-more increasingly an issue with the Real Proprietors in Software Distributor Wholesale. We are having to watch our back with these so-called brown hat engineers and create a whole new form of intolerance to this new-kind of drug, "Partially Counterfeit Freeware"...

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Silicone Valley

by seanferd In reply to Are The Fake Players Gett ...

Is this just a bit incoherent, or did someone shoot me with one of those black ops drug-filled micro darts again?

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Shake it off.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Silicone Valley
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Try Sam's Club or Costco

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Are The Fake Players Gett ...

Don't bother with the grocery stores and retail. You'll have to shop in volume at wholesale prices to afford enough tin foil.

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This guy deserves some swag

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Are The Fake Players Gett ...

A tin foil hat, with the TR logo on it.

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What the hell

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Are The Fake Players Gett ...

is a 'fake player', anyway?

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I believe it

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Are The Fake Players Gett ...

plays fakes.
What I want to now was why he put the space in realplayer.

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