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Are there any good managers left?

By renwarb ·
Although I have had the terrible displeasure of working for some very poor managers, I am able to recognize that many managers have reached their current professional level by proving their skills/worth.

However, some of my complaints from experience have been:
- Inability to grasp basic technical details concerning products/services which are being managed. (I.E. Setting a deadline without understanding the amount of time required to complete a project)

- Committing to providing a service/implementing a solution that your staff does not have adequate knowledge. (Unless providing training, or time for Self-Study)

- Failure to consult the staff involved about the merits/drawbacks of any particular implementation.

- Having a "Hair-on-Fire" approach to issue resolution. (It is understood that time is of the essence when dealing with critical outages, but it is better to remain focused and make rational decisions, instead of panicking and creating a larger problem due to hasty decisions.

- The "Are-we-there-yet?" phone calls. (When I am resolving a major issue, it wastes critical time, and disturbs my focus to answer calls from my manager asking for details at 10 minute intervals.)

**This is a non-management peeve/more on the sales side**
- Consistently selling/bidding services that we are unable to provide.

Now, I have been in the field for 5 yrs. I have done helpdesk, desktop support, Novell Admin, Linux Admin, and currently handle COTS implementations/support. I get frustrated by low pay, a company who does not wish to invest in me (in terms of education), managers who throw me into an implementation-in-progress without giving me background information, having my vacation requests denied without justification, lack of raises/salary adjustments, etc.

However, IT is my life...this is my career. I know that there will be better days. (Maybe when I move to Honestly, though, I'm 23...I talk to my peers. Most do not see IT as a viable career choice. Mechanics are respected...Roofers are respected...Officers are respected...Plumbers are respected...Electricians are respected...IT Geeks are crapped on.

Just the thoughts of a 23 yr old trying to make the right choices in a very dangerous field.

Does anyone have a decent manager? Does anyone have any other peeves that I have failed to mention?

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Give me strength

by amcol In reply to Are there any good manage ...

So, let's get this straight. You're 23, you have five whole years of experience, and you're ready to give up on managers as a lifeform.

You carry on about all the "professions" that get respect, lamenting that IT pros don't. Have you ever been a mechanic? A roofer? Do you happen to have a wide circle of friends who are in these careers that you know for a fact that they're all so "respected"?

And, most importantly, does it occur to you that your incredibly poor attitude is reflective of someone who has no respect for others, in which case why would you expect any respect in return?

You have so much experience and you know so much about corporate life and life in general that you can come to these cosmic conclusions? How presumptuous.

You want to make the right choices? Here's two pieces of free advice: one, get just a few more battlescars on your tender skin before you start lamenting your career choice; and two, grow up and stop whining.

The younger generation. My God, what have we as parents done to you that you all have this insanely overdeveloped sense of entitlement and self-assured smug arrogance? It just makes my eyebrows hurt.

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by Jaqui In reply to Give me strength

in some ways though the observations about managers are right.
the frequent intteruptions do interfere with getting the job done.
the panic and throw a band aide at the problem does cause more problems later.

even though our peer is young, and five years experience at 23 means working since 18 as it pro, he did recognise how management can be a hindrance to getting problems resolved in a timely and efficient manner.

sales departments always promise the moon, and give short deadlines for delivery of products/services, that's what gets the sales.

I would say that our peer has yet to learn how to accomplish deadlines by using templates in creating the items needed. that base framework will reduce time needed to meet the deadline.

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Hey hey hey...Calm Down !!!

by stargazerr In reply to Give me strength

You are right ... not all managers are like oven timers...but then undeniably, some of them are !!!

I am 22 (Before you say it, yes I am the younger generation ) and my experience with Managers has not been a smooth ride either.

I have worked as a IT teacher,software developer (Java) and then as a desktop support for 4 years now. The managers that I have had are young..30ish at the most..

They do have their good points, I dont deny that, but they do tend to set impossible deadlines and bother us with frequent calls, which is the most common of our problems.

Another thing that my manager does which screws me up like ****, is, that he does not exactly trust me...

He refuses to let me touch his laptop.He expects me to stand 2 miles away and give instructions on how to solve a problem with, say, his email. His Reason (I am not saying excuse) : I have personal stuff on that computer...

Ok I have been in this job for only 2 and a half months. I still need to build myself a niche. But my manager isnt really helping..

And then the sales people...They expect me to create solutions out of mid air in a time span of ............2.5 seconds

All I can say is that, I believe things get better with time....Only trouble with being IT people is that, we are considered to be some sort of Gods who can solve everything with a flick of our wands (I have been watching too much Harry Potter ) ...

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Time will tell.

by WelshBilly In reply to Hey hey hey...Calm Down ! ...

I think in new jobs you have a period of proving yourself. No matter what the job and at what level. If you have only been in this job for 2 and a half months, that might not be enough time to prove your reliablility, knowledge etc. I think keep with it and in a few months things will get better.

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Yes !!

by stargazerr In reply to Time will tell.

thats what I am planning to do .... I am going to scream my lungs out if my boss doesnt trust me, 6 months from now

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by Willisblag In reply to Yes !!

As a manager myself of 10+ years with 20 years IS experience I am probably leaning towards Amcol's view. We hear a lot about 'respect' and 'trust' from the younger generation. The thing these two issues have in common is.... they need to be earned. All IS/IT managers have strengths and weaknesses, you should learn something from all of them (even if its how NOT to do something). Just don't tar them all as 'bad managers'. Why should a man/woman who is ultimately responsible for the IT infrastructure trust you implicitly. Its his head on the line. On the other hand, he probably wants your help, and if you can earn his trust you are very valuable. A good manager needs to learn to depend on good staff and not see them as a threat to his own position too. Its a two-way stretch. Both parties need to learn how to make it work for their mutual benefit. I can see your frustration but don't just label everyone as a bad manager - the guy/gal will have a much bigger view of things that are going on in your enterprise - they may be struggling with big political issues which cannot be discussed at your level. Work out how he/she wants you to work, then try and influence his/her behaviour from there.

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I never ..

by stargazerr In reply to Perspective

tarred anyone as good or bad ... some managers are bad, yes. I am doing everything I can to earn my managers trust. But,good manager or not, I am not going to be geeksploited.

Why do you, managers of 20 years, regard us youngsters as titches?? My managers knows very well that I respect him a lot, (I know because he has mentioned this fact in an office meeting and compared my respect to everyone else's). So believe us. We try our best to prove ourselves, all we need is some breathing space. :)

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Easy tiger.

by Willisblag In reply to I never ..

Sorry Geeks, probably not clear on my part - the 'tarring' tag was for the original postee. As per his title 'Are there any good managers left...'
For the record I didn't call anyone titch lol.
My point was that there is something we call all work with. In a nutshell.
You, young, titches bring a lot of qualities which the senior citizens of IT need to nurture, utilise, encourage and not fear.
In return you need to appreciate 'the business' comes first, and this might not always be in your best interests. The days of joining a co at A and being trained, guided, coached and led to Z are gone. We are ALL responsible for our own career development and you won't always get the training/reward/recognition you deserve.
Live/work with it or move.
Good luck

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there you go..

by stargazerr In reply to I never ..

For the record...You just called us a titch (does a jig)

Lets forget all this .. Let there be the reign of Peace...I love my job and I can straighten my manager out (I am buying a sledgehammer ]:) ) .. oh wait, I am cross threading here...check this out

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Never mind

by Serguei.Bereziouk In reply to Perspective

If you are manager of experience of 10+ the company hired you must fail, if you start talking "politics things". All of that for amateur guy/gal!!! Never mind who manage IT world.

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