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    Are there any IBM RPG programmers going to VB.NET out there?


    by thomas.l.deskevich ·

    I am as I was referred to at ASNA when I was trained on their AVR product, an RPG grizzly bear. Learned it in school in the late 70’s and have programmed on it ever since. It has been good to me. We use ASNA’s AVR and Monarch with Datagate. This will make no sense to anyone not familar with the products. I have been given blessings to write a simple scanning and file maintainace program with that does not use ASNA’s products or the as/400 with a PC data base SQL. Question is, anyone out there floundering in the VB.NET world like me? Can anyone offer help? Give me a project example a datagrid program that will view sql database records and view images associated with the information?

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      How to get started

      by mark miller ·

      In reply to Are there any IBM RPG programmers going to VB.NET out there?

      If you really want to learn it I would suggest getting a beginner’s book on VB.Net. I’ve found that the MSDN help that comes with Visual Studio is of little help to the absolute beginner. Check the version of .Net you are using for the project, whether it’s 1.x or 2.0. There are some books out there for VB.Net 1.1, and others for VB.Net 2.0. There are significant differences between the two. If you have to determine this by the installation, go to Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework on the computer’s boot drive and look at the name of the directory it contains. It should be of the form “v..“. Just pay attention to the major and minor version number. For example, if it says “v1.1.4322”, then you have version 1.1 of the .Net runtime.

      I assume you are working on a client-server project? Here’s a sample datagrid project written in VB.Net 1.1 that deals with images:

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