Are there any tools available to recover a corrupted PowerPoint file?

By lexterrinus ·
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My wife had spent about a week putting one together and (luckily) when done presenting she wanted to save it and MOVED (not copied) it to a key drive (big mistake to trust the move). When she got home the file was corrupted and she cannot open it.
Anyone know any possibilities to recover this?

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Open Office can open files created in MS Office.

by pladrounf In reply to Are there any tools avail ...

Open Office can open files created in MS Office. Consider trying to open this file with the analogous Open Office application. While there are no guarantees, it might work and, depending on the value of the data, worth a try.
PowerPoint Repair Toolbox demo version tool,it can you fo repair powerpoint:
I have managed this by viewing the corrupt file through PPT viewer. On "Save", I lose some formatting but can generally retain data.
Also, try to recover the original file. Perhaps a slightly earlier version?
I hope you were able to recover your file.

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Maybe you can use Adobe Fireworks

by simon27 In reply to Are there any tools avail ...

There was a suggestion in this thread mentioned which worked for me some time ago:

1: Open the corrupt Photoshop file in Fireworks.
2: Use Fireworks to save it as a .psd Photoshop file. (Important: Do Not save it as a Fireworks file or another extension, because Photoshop may not recognize the layers, or you could lose data.)
3: Remember to give your file a different name when saving, so you won't overwrite your original. (A good idea would be to create a backup of your original before trying this procedure.)
4: Open your newly created file in Photoshop.
Remember that many effects will not show in Fireworks, but should show up in the Photoshop layers.

I hope this will help you too.

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by denissenco In reply to Are there any tools avail ...

Hi, my advice is to search answer at google or visit source is devoted to Power Point presentation. There are many tips, tricks and tutorials. Good luck!

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I had a similar situation.

by nikonor9875 In reply to Are there any tools avail ...

I had a similar situation. I will say that to restore it and did not work. After this incident, I downloaded the template and replaced with text only. For now, just take a ready-made templates from this site, there just has all the topics that I need.

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Powerpoint File Recovery

by JustinS.Laplante In reply to Are there any tools avail ...

Powerpoint recovery software is the last option to recover data from corrupt or damaged powerpoint files. It repairs corrupt powerpoint files (.ppt, pptx, pptm) in just 3 clicks: select repair & save. To get more details about software just visit below links.


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Recover from a corrupted powepoint file

by alvachristi In reply to Are there any tools avail ...

There are a number of things you can try to recover it if your file is truly corrupt.
Use Slides from Files on the Insert menu.
Locate a TMP file.
Open the presentation in Microsoft Office Word.
Move the file to a different place.
Open the file in a different way.
Use Safe Mode.
Use Damaged Presentations Troubleshooters.
Try a third-party recovery tool.
Hope you will try to recover your file.Good Luck.

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Instructions how to recover your powerpoint file without any hard efforts

by ericschweizer In reply to Are there any tools avail ...

o 1
Load your Microsoft PowerPoint software and allow the main page to fully load. Click "Start" at the top of the screen and select the "Search" option from the subsequent menu. Click on the box marked "For Files or Folders."
o 2
Type "ppt*.tmp" into the "Search Results" box that appears on screen. Once the text has been entered, click on the "Search Now" tab at the bottom of the screen.
o 3
Right-click the lost file when it appears on screen and click the "Rename" tab. Rename the file with whatever name you want; however, the file must end in the ".ppt" extension.
o 4
Double-click the newly renamed file to open the file with the PowerPoint software. Click on the "File" tab at the top of the screen and select the "Save As" option from the subsequent menu. Rename the file once again and click "Save" from the bottom of the screen.

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recover a corrupted PowerPoint file

by ronald_gomez41 In reply to Are there any tools avail ...

I would recommend you powerpoint presentation I would recommend you to use next utility

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H-Data Recovery Master

by Ellisnvx5890iu3 In reply to recover a corrupted Power ...

H-Data Recovery Master is not bad. I tried a lot of recovery tool, only H-Data Recover 95% of my lost files. Download and install H-Data Recovery Master(

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PowerPoint File Recovery

by alexfranky35 In reply to Are there any tools avail ...

Opening a corrupted PowerPoint presentation file in OpenOffice is a trick. But if it fails, you may try other, like: Open and Repair, restoring from TMP file and many more. You can read this blog post :

Or, you can try a third-party PowerPoint Recovery tool for recovering data from corrupted PowerPoint presentation files.

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