Are there license restrictions for using the Microsoft BITSAdmin Tool?

By bob ·

Can anyone point me to a webpage or document that describes any license information, if any exists, for using the Microsoft BITS Admin tool? This tool is described below:

All the documentation I have read so far suggests that the BITS api be manipulated with a programming language. However, I have seen mention of a tool called the BITS Administration Tool which will allow a developer to perform a large number of BITS related operations on a PC.

What I need to know is if the BITS Admin tool can be distributed to all users, such as 10,000 PCs, in a company so it can be used as part of a mass solution. I am not sure if the Admin tool is something only for the developers and/or administrators of a server or if it is okay to have it copied to thousands of end user PCs so it can be used by batch programs wanting to perform BITS operations for software delivery releated tasks. Thanks in advance.

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Valid XP License

by TheChas In reply to Are there license restric ...

Looking at these 2 pages:

The license and use requirements are a valid installation of XP.

As the software is both a free download, and on the XP installation CD, you should have no license issue deploying it across your network.

I think you should be cautious as to whether you allow users to have access the the program though.


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