Are there MCITP: SA online courses yet?

By mitcham ·
I am trying to find out where I can take the courses and tests required to become a MCITP: Server Administrator, preferrably online e-learnings. I don't want to pay $5,000 for a bootcamp. Those are 6 days that I cannot take off from work to do. I also can't stand just having a book to learn from. E-learning is the best route for me, but I cannot track down a course to take online.

So, are there any reliable online e-learnings for MCTS --> MCITP: Server Administrator?

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Not available

by mitcham In reply to Couple to choose from

The one on the Microsoft elearning site is not available yet. It says "Late 2008"... which does me no good. Am I not looking in the right place?

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here's 9

by Dr Dij In reply to Not available


Managing Database Data in a SQL Server 2005 Environment
Course Number: 237888_eng
To recognize how to create and deploy SSIS packages, and enforce data quality and data integrity in a SQL Server 2005 database

Troubleshooting Windows Vista Performance and Reliability
Course Number: mv_mvet_a06_it_enus
Microsoft Windows Vista includes the Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor, a tool that provides multiple data monitoring and collection utilities for evaluating a system's performance and reliability. ...

Maintaining and Supporting Applications on Windows Vista
Course Number: mv_mvet_a08_it_enus
Microsoft Windows Vista takes advantage of the Windows Installer engine to install, maintain, and remove applications through the use of installation packages. ...

Configuring and Troubleshooting Windows Vista Networking
Course Number: mv_mvet_a07_it_enus
Microsoft Windows Vista provides the Network and Sharing Center to configure and diagnose networking connectivity. This feature also allows you to configure access to the network through wireless connections, and remote access using VPNs and Remote Desktop. ...

Configuring and Troubleshooting User Access on Windows Vista
Course Number: mv_mvet_a04_it_enus
Microsoft Windows Vista offers enhanced authentication mechanisms to allow legitimate users to log on to systems. These authentication mechanisms include using smart cards, biometrics, and username and password credentials. ...

Managing and Troubleshooting Windows Vista Systems
Course Number: mv_mvet_a05_it_enus
Many of Microsoft Windows Vista's new and enhanced tools can be used to simplify system management and troubleshooting. Windows Vista can be managed by using Group Policy settings when the system is part of an Active Directory domain, or by setting local group policies. ...

Deploying Windows Vista
Course Number: mv_mvet_a01_it_enus
Microsoft Windows Vista is the leading operating system used on desktops throughout the world in enterprise and home environments. ...

Troubleshooting Windows Vista Deployments
Course Number: mv_mvet_a02_it_enus
Microsoft Windows Vista provides diagnostics and tools to help reduce troubleshooting support costs and user interruptions. Windows Vista can detect and automatically correct most operating system and related hardware problems using these tools. ...

Configuring and Troubleshooting Windows Vista Security
Course Number: mv_mvet_a03_it_enus
Microsoft Windows Vista provides enhanced security features to help protect computers from malicious attacks, spyware, and other unwanted software that can be installed on your system when it is connected to the Internet

these 9 have references to MCITP in them.
I'm not even sure what the ITP stands for. M$ cert IT pro? they seem to mention vista alot except for the first.

If you join the acm you can take them online.

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Microsoft Certified IT Professional

by mitcham In reply to here's 9

is what it stands for. It is taking place of the MCSE 2003 certification. There are plenty of MCSE e-learning courses online, but I don't want to spend the money on it if the certification will not be recognized in the next year or two. Also, the classes you listed are for the MCTS (MS Certified Technology Specialist), which I need, but those you listed are not the same MCTS I need.

This is all a little confusing... it took me 2 hours just to figure out what the heck I needed to take to get my MCITP: SA then another hour to find out the classes aren't even offered yet!

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Keep in mind...

by bart777 In reply to Microsoft Certified IT Pr ...

Most of these tests are not even available yet.

So far only some of the MCTS tracks have publisehed tests. It you can't wait then bet some books online and start the study process yourself at home. Give it a few more months and I'm sure that other tests and training classes will become avaialble.

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MCITP training - Preplogic and ElementK

by pomo56 In reply to Are there MCITP: SA onlin ...

Take a look at Preplogic and ElementK. Two very different providers. One will likely work for you. Preplogic has full motion video and is a little more expensive. ElementK is more or less an animated powerpoint presentation and thus costs less. Both good but one will be better depending on your desired quality and budget constraints.

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MCITP online classes

by ponnam247 In reply to Are there MCITP: SA onlin ...

just check this
with in a reasonble price u can learn MCITP
my friend did his course and he was very much satisfied by their teaching

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