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Are there MS Project alternatives?

By sdsmoot ·
I am looking for good budget/financial/schedule software without using Microsoft. Any suggestions on something cheaper and hopefully better than MS Project?... Any recommendations are appreciated.

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Yes, there are

by edalexander_jr In reply to Are there MS Project alte ...

Yes, there are alternatives to MS Project. However, MS Project is the most common tool as you have already discovered.

The tools I have found to be the most economical are web based. Some have free versions to download while others may cost you a pretty penny. The best approach would be to identify what your needs are and then do a search for PM tools that meet your needs. You may find the perfect match and it may be shareware!

TIP: Due to MS Project's popularity, try to find a web based program that allows import and export of MS Project files.

I hope this helps,
Ed Alexander
Senior Project Manager

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Open Workbench

by mdow In reply to Yes, there are

There is an alternative to MS Project, it is called open workbench. It can be downloaded from

Hope you enjoy..

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looks good

by chris In reply to Open Workbench

impressive open source ware, you involved with it?? or been using it for long???

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Been using it since 1988

by Euan Mee In reply to looks good

It's the direct descendent of Project
Manager Workbench (PMW)

(sold by ABT in the USA, Hoskyns in the
rest of the world.

In the UK, it was the project planning tool
of choice in large enterprises, commanding
a per-licence fee of UK?1100 (~US$2200)
back in 198

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add intellect to that list

by msteffen In reply to Yes, there are

another good one to add to your list of web-based programs that allow you to import and export MS Project files would be Intellect. (

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Project Insight as alternative to MS Project

by CMN - Phillips In reply to Are there MS Project alte ...

You can learn more about Project Insight at

It is a web based project management system and very reasonable in costs. Web based, it is easy for a diverse team to share project information.

I don't work for Metafuse or Project Insight, but I have followed the product for a couple of years.

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Project Insight

by surfandswim In reply to Project Insight as altern ...

We've been using Project Insight for about a year now and have had a great experience. (

Project Insight is a web-based system that allows you to import and export from MS Project as well as build your project plans without MS Project. It also has integrated document management, time and billing, email notifications and more.

After our team members got used to it, it really helped our PM's keep track of costs and timelines because each of the team members could update their tasks online and enter their time. When we used just MS Project, the PM's had to manually enter the completed tasks and keep track time and expenses in a separate application.

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by mattmag In reply to Are there MS Project alte ...

Add collaboration too and you could use http:// for the scheduling. My team uses Open
Office Spreadsheet for any financial details, but we're a small

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What about with a PDA GUI

by O/Siris In reply to Are there MS Project alte ...

This is almost exactly what I was going to ask about. But I have one additional desire, if it's possible: the ability to install a "client" and to work on it using a PDA.

Any of these options, or another, that can cover this?

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Natara, Project@Hand for PalmOS

by holtzman.j In reply to What about with a PDA GUI

Natara has two products of interest. One syncs with MS Project, but is less functional; the other doesn't sync (yet, but I believe it's in the works), but has more functionality. See Pretty well known and respected in the Palm OS community.

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