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    Are these CAL’s different? Why?


    by carlos ·

    What is the difference between a CAL and a Terminal Services CAL ?

    Aren’t they essentially the same thing, don’t they allow users to connect to the server and server based applications and programs?

    If you setup the CAL’s when you first install the server to be User based, don’t they allow to have the users log into the server from any computer in the world?

    Am I missing something here?

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      by carlos ·

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      You are confused

      by hal 9000 ·

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      You have 2 types of CAL’s and 1 type of Terminal Service License.

      With the CAL you have Client Licenses or Device Licenses most companies use Client Licenses.

      Terminal Services Licenses are something different again and while they effectively do the same thing you need to keep with what was being used previously when adding additional Licenses to a Server to allow more connections to be used.


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        same function

        by carlos ·

        In reply to You are confused

        Thanks for the reply.

        So am I right in thinking that when the CAL’s are setup per user in the intial installation, the users will be able to log into the server from anywhere and access the programs that they have permission to access by the administrator?

        In other words, we can limit the applications each user accesses and when they log on they see a virtual desktop with those programs?

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          well in theory

          by cg it ·

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          Terminal Service licensing is just like a user CAL but as HAL pointed out they are different.

          User CALs allow users to access resources on multiple servers not applications provided by a Terminal Server.

          Device CALs allow a device to access 1 server for access to resources.

          Terminal Service CALs allow a user to access a Terminal Server for access to an Application [typically a thin client access to word processors programs run from a server and not on the desktop].

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