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Are we the last Generation of PC users?

By kerry.sisler ·
Is there a pending convergence:

1) Rapid growth of mobile compute devices of increasing power
2) Emerging availability of mini-video projectors for mobile devices
3) Emerging voice recognition or until then, the nice virtual keyboards such as the IR or LASER ones
4) Movement of most applications and data to the cloud
5) And all the social drivers for basically working moble
6) Add more if you wish

Thus is there a paradigm changing convergence at hand which tells us IT geeks that this is the last gen of regular end users willing to accept a PC or laptop as their primary device? Is the IT community at the enterprise level really ready for such a shift? Have they set in motion the adaption needed for the enterprise infrastructure?

This is hardly a new thought but comments please!

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Every generation is the last user of something.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Are we the last Generatio ...

Does your question center on the workplace or on consumer technologies?

I can see desktops still in use at work much longer than outside. Remember, lots of companies still use 'legacy' mainframes running COBOL apps.

Most home users didn't use the full capabilities of their computers in the first place; they just didn't have any alternative devices. New technologies provide many of these users with other, cheaper, easier tools.

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True, but casual users will use many more devices

by DMambo In reply to Every generation is the l ...

I think it'll get a lot less centralized. There will be devices in lots of items. There will be the chips in our shoes linked to the web to alert us to the fact that our linked refrigerator is out of milk as we walk past the grocery store. I guess it will actually be more centralized on the web when we sign up for a Life Activity Management Enhancement service (LAME).

We're also the first generation of PC users. At least for people around my advanced age.

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Less centralized!

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to True, but casual users w ...

I say more with the 'impression of less'.

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I dont think so

by Slayer_ In reply to Are we the last Generatio ...

There will always be someone that needs affordable computing horsepower.

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I'm still getting about on 4 wheels...

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Are we the last Generatio ...

what happened to my hover / flying car?

I still burn shoe leather as well!

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I hope the flying car never happens.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I'm still getting about o ...

There's too many idiots who can't safely operate a vehicle in two dimensions. You wanna give them a third one to screw around in?

I hope the only way the flying car becomes common is if it comes with mandatory, 'can't be overridden' air traffic control. The only operator interaction would be punching in the destination coordinates. I suspect most automobile drivers wouldn't tolerate giving over that level of control; those who are already used to mass transit probably would make the adjustment easily.

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No way on the destination controls!

by DMambo In reply to I hope the flying car nev ...

The government will track everywhere I go. My wife works for the federal gov't and I'm sure they'd give her the info on all the fast food stops I make. Forget Big Brother. I'm afraid of Big Wife.

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There is a

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to No way on the destination ...

'GIRUY Chip' in every car now anyway is there not?

At least that's what the man wants you to believe!

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I'm Stumped

by DMambo In reply to There is a

Your GIRUY acronym has eluded my grasp. I saw a reference to it on some Scottish Rangers footy site, but I got too lazy to pursue it. Please elucidate.

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by The 'G-Man.' In reply to I'm Stumped

GIRUY is to Get it Right Up Ya
LOL is to Laugh Out Loud

I'm sure there is a GIRUY chip in cars, or at least my car anyway it seems.

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