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Are WebCT classes a good way into IT career?

By nebheprura ·
I work at a university and they are offering discounts for WebCT courses to its employees. I have an A+ certification, and do some computer fixing on the side, but I have always wanted to go more into system analyst field, advanced support, that kind of thing. Only thing is money is an issue and I cannot spend hours in classrooms since I work full-time. I have asked so many on whether these type of courses are actually beneficial to someone trying to get into IT, but no-one seems to have any idea. Thought I would go to the experts by starting this thread. Had many thoughts of getting Net+ and Security+ certs, but really worried about wasting my time. I am extremely interested in becoming saavy in as many IT aspects as I can, just need reassurance of the right training to take. MCSE, MCSA, Cisco, MCP, whatever I can get into. If these can be obtained via WebCT, that would be something I would do. Only thing is that when I look at courses, not sure how many needed to take for exams, etc. I have also wondered about sites like CBTplanet and whether this is a viable option as well. Can anyone out there help with this subject? Any kind of advice would be incredibly appreciated.

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WebCT is just the tool to use to get the content

by jmgarvin In reply to Are WebCT classes a good ...

You have to be self motivated to do online coursework. WebCT is just a tool to let you do that. If you employeer is offering certs for free via online course, do it!

However, you should probably focus. Too many certs it too many areas can be a real show stopper for some.

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You work at a University?

by jdmercha In reply to Are WebCT classes a good ...

Get a BS. Or MS. Don't they offer employees free tuition?

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