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    Are you familiar with darknets?


    by debate ·

    Do you think darknets have a place in a corporate security strategy? Would you consider implementing one on your corporate network? Share your comments about the potential of darknets as a corporate security tool, as discussed in the March 14 Internet Security Focus newsletter.

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      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to Are you familiar with darknets?

      Like all things in life, darknets can be used to either steal and share movies, software, etc. Or they can be used for noble purposes like letting dissidents in repressive societies share their thoughts by setting semi-private networks, etc.

      The darknet is nothing more than a peer-to-peer network that uses the Internet as a bridge. Quite similar to the way an AM radio signal uses the stratosphere.

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      by jim gaudet, mcse ·

      In reply to Are you familiar with darknets?

      I agree. Darknets sound like a great idea. Are there any whitepapers out there that support installing and configuring a darknet?

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      A rose by any other name …

      by wdmilner ·

      In reply to Are you familiar with darknets?

      While there are some differences, this is a variation on the honeypot. While effective for some things it may face some of the same problems that those who deployed honeypots faced.

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