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Are you guilty of it? Could you be ?

By Tony Hopkinson ·
The nanny state PC boys and girls have weighed in with a good 'un.

Fatism. A fatist is someone who discriminates against fat, I mean fleshy big boned people.

Soon to be followed by shortism, tallism, thinism, bignoseism, eyebrowsmeetinthemiddleism, and many many more.

Britain's next gold medal tally is going to be pretty poor I think, just after the successful court case of Ivor Fatbelly, ruling that he was discriminated against in the selection process. The three hour hundred metres time via an ambulance and the nearest still open A&E department having nothing to do with it.

Where's that chap with the one way ticket to Mars?

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This deserves to get off the ground.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Are you guilty of it? Cou ...

Nannyism is going to take us down.

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by mjd420nova In reply to Are you guilty of it? Cou ...

I have a very low tolerance for IDIOTS. Be they behind a keyboard or the wheel of a car. I just get this incredible revulsion to them that drives me to want to strangle them. The kind behind the wheel I can escape but the ones at the keyboard I have to deal with everyday. I delight in showing my feelings by being overly nice to them and that just drives them nuts. I also suspect that they may have an ISM for me but I've been unable to find a category into which I would fall as I'm sure this is a two way street.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to IDIOTISM

your voice is always you.

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I'll have you know I am not against any group of People

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Are you guilty of it? Cou ...

Under any circumstances unless they are POMS of the Wingding Variety. I most defiantly don't like those people so is there a name for that? :^0

But on a more serious note it seems that anyone who feels discriminated against can get a Name for their perceived Discrimination, it doesn't matter if it exists or not provided that they feel that they are discriminated against that's all that is necessary.

I must however say that Pregnant Females are a group that you should avoid at every opportunity though. They turn normal people into Raving Lunatics.


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Size Acceptance Movement

by DMambo In reply to Are you guilty of it? Cou ...

"The campaigners, who belong to the Size Acceptance Movement..."

Now here's the irony. The Size Accecptance Movement (SAM) - When I was a kid, I had a dog named Sam and she guessed it.... a fat dog.

The cosmic forces at work here are mind-boggling.

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I'm at a loss DM

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Size Acceptance Movement

But having been a K9 Breeder some years ago shouldn't that read

I had a dog named Sam and she guessed it.... a fat *****. instead of Dog?

Inquiring minds need to know these things. After all a Dog is a male K9 so I'm confused how you could have a Female Male K9. :0


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You are just trying to cause trouble

by DMambo In reply to I'm at a loss DM

As you should well know, "dog", when used in the vernacular, is accepted to refer to either the male or female of that species. You're just trying to get my TR account suspended for using impure language.

The fatists are bad enough, but you're a purist, discriminating against the Pure.

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Or maybe

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You are just trying to ca ...

I've been working Legal way too long. I actually used that one in a court where the Local Council legislated that you could only have 1 dog and won.

At the time I had a Dog and a B1tch but as the ruling turned out I could have had as many B1tches as I liked and not broken the new rules. Didn't help when the next case to hit the court was a Police Officer with a retired Drug Sniffing B1tch and a poodle who lived beside a newly commissioned jail. The Ex Police Dog was his and the Poodle was the wifes.

The council on the other hand was out for the money that they could raise and made a fatal mistake of referring to the Websters Dictionary about a comment to justify their position so I asked what the Dictionary said about a Dog. Dog = Male K9. :^0

They had to rewrite the rules and much worse hand back all of the money that they stole from others who didn't fight their complaints. I of course had by them sold up and moved. I really didn't like that crowd, Maybe they got the message when 3 days after an Election I approached the Local Government Minister and made a Application to have the newly elected council disbanded and replaced by an Administrator. Apparently they had not got a request like that so soon after an Election that they didn't quite know who to handle it. They actually thought I was joking but I really wasn't.

OH and did you know you are the first person here to call me a Purist? Most call me other things that are not very complementary. :^0

Col 0:-)

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by LocoLobo In reply to Are you guilty of it? Cou ...

From the article:

"Ms Szrodecki said: "This is a very common event - someone being beaten up should be a crime."

As far as I know there already is a law covering that. I would assume it's the same in most countries. Someone else said it, Idiotism!

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Lots of Americans hate talk about their health

by DelbertPGH In reply to Are you guilty of it? Cou ...

Especially the ones who weight 250 pounds and up. (17 stone 12, 113.6 kg.) They don't have the label "fattism" to put on their flag, but they sure do get worried that somebody would put pressure on them to do something about it.

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