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Are you monitoring employee tech use?

By jmottl ·
CIO Republic is working on an article about how prevalent email/Internet/IM monitoring is and interested in learning from members how rampant monitoring is in the enterprise. Are you doing it? Not doing it? What are some of the issues that come along with brining in monitoring technologies?

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Monitoring Tech Usage

by C?smic In reply to Are you monitoring employ ...

Everyone is. To save bandwidth, protect corporate data....wchichever may be the reson, monitoring tech usage is a network administrator's greatest responsibility. WLAN abuse, IM idleness, chats with non-business entities, attachements containing corporate information are most monitored. An example would be when one of the cos. I was consulting, a business manager, before leaving attempted to remove and take with him, his entire client list and the products they ordered. Serious issues that can promt legal action. The cost of such a list would vary from a job at the competitor's organization, to a few thousand dollars with independent vendors. And a half a million dollar loss to my client.
Issues would range from simple breach of in-house privacy which an employee enjoys to tools and tweaks that employees use to avoid detection. Another example, an employee of the accounts department (they are not allowed HTTP access) used HTTPort to allow browsing and Socket access. This opened up several paths that hackers could use to enter the network.
Typical monitoring methods. Watching sock ports, forwarding all mail to a common admin-like account, blocking access to free-email websites etc.
Summing it up, most of us are doing it. It comes out of right to corporate property and a need to safeguard ourselves from our own. And those of us that are not doing it, should start immediately.

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Restricting/Monitoring Internet Use

by senora.harris In reply to Are you monitoring employ ...

I just posted a discussion requesting the same information. I didn't notice your discussion before I posted mine. Looks like this might be a hot topic.

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