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Are you satisfied with your organization's current storage technology?

By Toni Bowers ·
Our poll asked what storage technology your organization currently employs. Is your storage solution satisfactory or will you be changing to another method?

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Not satisfied with current storage technology

by djames In reply to Are you satisfied with yo ...

We currently use an Exabyte Tape Library for archival backups and storage. It is horribly unreliable and slow. We will be replacing this SOON and I am eager to learn from the experiences of others. Is disk storage the way to go? NAS? We have one NAS and so far: GREAT!

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IBM Shark

by SQL_Joe In reply to Not satisfied with curren ...

We have a Shark (replaced EMC many many years ago) and haven't looked back!

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almost satisfied

by dobbinsm In reply to Not satisfied with curren ...

currently we use tape back up. Am very interested in SANs though. AM thinking about a small office back up server that can be accessed through each persons specific password for their perticular files only. SANs sounds good.

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I'm happy with our environment

by memmert In reply to Are you satisfied with yo ...

We have a pretty robust storage evironment though. We are heavily storage centric though so we have mulitple NAS heads from Bluearc.
We have production NAS storage backed up to a seperate nearline NAS storage head which is backed up (in pieces and on demand) to a Storagetek 143 Slot/4 LTO2 drive tape library managed by Veritas Netbackup.

I really like the Bluearc technology. They are the fastest out there and have the ability to manage a contiguous file system which is good and bad. The upside is that I could build a single share with as little as 3 Terebytes or as large as 256 Terebytes and theorhetically as large as 1 Petabyte (if we had enough money).
The downside is that since it's a CIFS file system I don't have the ability to quickly back up the entire volume nor can I get properties very quickly for any folder of any size. i.e. it can take a long time to enumerate a directory that is 300 or 500 GB in size as our particular directory structure can go hundreds of thousands of files and folders deep.

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No problem on our kind storage used

by stillcool_ph In reply to Are you satisfied with yo ...

Yes.. we do not have a problem on our storage device, coz we Hard drive much faster easy access... compare to tape,diskette but no idea on other kind of storage.

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SAN Still Evolving

by panzrwagn In reply to Are you satisfied with yo ...

If you want to see the future of the SAN, study the history of the LAN.

Right now, SAN routing is just being introduced, and most SANs are fundamentally islands in a datacenter interconnected, if at all, by either proprietary links or through gateways to a corporate backbone. Sounds a lot like the LAN of about circa 1992-93.

If you want the metaphor for storage, look to a moving company. They have been moving and storing stuff for, let's say, hundreds of years. Stands to reason if you are going to store something for somebody, they may also ask you to move it for them as well. After all, you have posession of the data don't you?

We need IP routing directly from the SAN chassis to an IP network, for application data movement, for backups, and for replication among locations, for starters.

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