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Are you stressed out?

By haileyan ·
When is it time to move?

At my previous job I was stressed out. So much so that it physically affected me. I had panic attacks. Work never seemed to be off my mind. After 5 and on the weekends I could never relax because I would not be able to stop thinking about work. Man was I high strung! Oddly enough I was only realy stressed outside of the office as I was supremely confident with supporting their systems.

This is one reason I moved to my current employer. The user base was 1/4 the size of my old one. The Suport ratio at my old firm was 120/1 and at my new office is it 70/1. My old office had 14 servers that I maintained and my new office only has 5. And best of all my new employer matched my salary. So asside from having to be a "Personnal Task Monkey" from time to time I am better off for making a move.

Anyway things are better for me now. So why did I post? I am very curious about how common this kind of stress is in our industry.

Has anyone else ever suffered the anxiety symptoms I mentioned above? Is this common or do I need a shrink? Is this a dark little secret that no one ever talks about?

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Cant sleep IT problems on your mind

by liamothelegend In reply to Are you stressed out?

**** yeah I know that one I am Operations/It Manager of three SME's and similarly have problems sleeping when an issue is outstanding for example today I woke at 6.05 am and I came in to work because too many unresolved issues were playing on my mind (Meant to start at 8.30am)we are currently implementing a new network/VPN ADSL routers etc
I used to have problems when I was first learning VBA as I would find my sleep interrupted on many a night until I figured out how to do something. Never had panic attacks but sympathise with you. I do love my job but I think its the the type of person I am.Can switch off when I get home but early hours of the morning my brain switches into fifth and I can rarely sleep again once I wake.
C'est la vie

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Been there

by Choppit In reply to Cant sleep IT problems on ...

Must do it quickly and perfectly? If this sounds familiar then beware. This is exactly how my mind works and I had to get close to the edge before I realised I had a problem. Take the time to step back from the job and put things into perspective. Is the job really more important than your health?

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I can relate..

by mlayton In reply to Are you stressed out?

...I used to work in an international company and would start stressing when they started work (7 hours before me), and stop around 9 p.m., which only left about 2 hours a day which were less stressful. I no longer work there, and am much less stressed ... but I can still stress because I have an inherent commitment to quality in my work that I think is the mark of being a professional. Good time management skills help a lot, but when I was in a support role the machines I supported were almost like people - you worried when they got sick, and you stayed up all night with them to make them better! :-)

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