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Are you willing to work on other devices besides desktops and laptops?

By enfield_john ·
I get questions from time to time about problems with other devices like game consoles, PDA's etc. I've done a bit of trouble shooting on consoles and have opened up older generations of consoles to clean the dust out of them. I haven't tried working on the current gen consoles though. What do you think? Do you think it would be worth it to get some training (even some trial and error DIY at home training on my own consoles) on fixing consoles? I'm sure I'd have to make sure the warranty was already expired on the console before I opened it, but besides that, I can't decide if I should branch out into game consoles or not.

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We repair everything...

by jschell In reply to Are you willing to work o ...

Well, almost everything. Games, stereos, TV's, record players, projectors, copiers, fax machines, printers, etc.

We do not repair two way radios or any cameras. Everything else is fair game.

There are lots of do it yourself articles/videos on the web, especially Youtube.

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That's neat. What about warranties?

by enfield_john In reply to We repair everything...

What do you do with consoles where it is still under warranty? Is there training a person can take to get certified to do warranty work on consoles?

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fix broken (cracked) DVD?

by reinameriga In reply to We repair everything...

I am in tears. I made a DVD of a friend's wedding. I have not finalized the DVD yet. Shortly after,our young pastor died suddenly, and everyone wants my DVD. Dumb me, didn't put it back in the case. It has a crack, and I do not see any hope for repair. While we would give so much to have this memory of our pastor. HAve you heard of anyone who can work magic in recovery/repair, beyond scratches? Thank you and God Bless..

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by cmiller5400 In reply to fix broken (cracked) DVD?

You already opened a thread about this. I responded to it. Why hijack this thread?

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I'll work on anything just about

by Tink! In reply to Are you willing to work o ...

As a DIYer I will try to fix just about anything. That's how I got into IT in the first place! I've fixed printers, Ipods (attempted), GPS's, and other various devices for people at work.

At home I've fixed DVD players, Game consoles, VCR's (ever had to remove candy or cookies from game consoles or VCR's? ).

I'd advise attempting at home before advertising. And check the manufacturer websites for info on warranty certification.

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RE And check the manufacturer websites

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I'll work on anything jus ...

Also for Service Manuals as many have em available. Makes life so much easier.


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Many more devices

by mjd420nova In reply to Are you willing to work o ...

I've worked on more processor based systems than just computers. Bar code readers, satelite systems(not just TV), key storage consoles for car dealers and point of sale registers, just to name a few. Printers have pretty much taken a back seat as they are cheaper to replace than to repair, but I still do a large number of laserjets, mostly a lot of cleaning. It doen't stop there however, internal phone systems and intercoms plus access controls and burglar alarms are beginning to take up a small percentage too. Wifi systems are expanding to appliances and all manner of home entertainment devices besides remote security cameras and gate controls. You have to be ready to tackle anything, especially if it's a computer peripheral.

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by LarryD4 In reply to Are you willing to work o ...

Well, in work, I have worked and supported Projectors, Copiers, Scanners, Flat Screen TVs, Conference Calling Units, ADSL routers. If it has a computer in it we support it.

From friends and family, I have looked at everything from microwaves to iPods.

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Only thing I refuse to repair

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Are you willing to work o ...

Are CRT monitors and that type of thing.

I just can not afford the Insurance for my staff to expose themselves to possibly Fatal Electrical Current when there are others who can do it so much cheaper.

But while was are on the subject of Fixing things anyone had any experience with a Samsung CLP500 color Laser Printer? Mine is continually saying that the Waste Toner Cartridge is either not present or full neither of which are true.

Only started happening after the last Waste Toner Cartridge was replaced. I do have the service manual here and it's not at all helpful it just says replace the Full Waste Toner Tank. I've tried 2 new ones both of which are empty and I am still getting the message. Of course if I actually had some time to play I might actually do more than just open the covers.


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Samsung Waste Toner Cartridge full

by Bonnsoft In reply to Only thing I refuse to re ...

With our Samsung CLP300 the Waste Toner Cartridge full message has come up a few times but the cartridge has never been full.

What I found was that the printer detects a "full" cartridge by shining a light through the top of the cartridge. In my case the toner was clinging to plastic in the lights path making it look full.

I just cleaned the toner dust off of the lenses, mirrors and prisms that appeared to be in the light path in the Waste Toner Cartridge.

In your case, I'd also look in the printer and make sure there isn't toner dust or paper blocking the light going in or out of the Waste Toner Cartridge.

Oh, I would NOT us canned air unless you want toner everywhere. ;-)

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