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Are you working more hours or fewer hours than you were five years ago?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
A new TechRepublic poll is asking members whether they are working more hours or fewer hours (or about the same) as five years ago? Where do you stand? If you're working more hours or fewer hours, we'd like to hear why.

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Ferwer Hours

by BFilmFan In reply to Are you working more hour ...

5 years ago I was dealing with migrations and engineering issues hands on.

I worked far more hours then.

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More hours than 5 years ago, less than 10

by JamesRL In reply to Are you working more hour ...

Ten years ago I was a senior technical specialist in a Fortune 100 company doing high priority projects. 70 hours was a short week. We all carried cell phones and even when we were home, we never stopped working.

I went on to a management job where a 50 hour week was the norm, and took a pay cut as I could no longer charge overtime. But stress was less, and I had time for my family.

I started a new management job two years ago. It started off at about the 45 hour a week mark, but after a reorg I received additional responsibilities. I now work between 50 and 60 hours a week, not including travel time (airplane time).

Why? Simple - we want to do more, but we can't raise prices because of competitive issues. So we have to do more with less. Over the last year I have been the victim of my own success - I can do more, I did a few extras, and suddenly I get more and more duties. Hopefully at review time it will pay off.


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About the same

by amcol In reply to Are you working more hour ...

Five years ago I was a senior IT manager in a Fortune 500 company working about 60-70 hours per week. Today I'm CIO of a Federal agency working about 80 hours a week for less than half the overall comp.

Which makes me both overworked AND stupid. overall satisfaction level has greatly increased. You can put a smile on your face or a dollar in your wallet, and it's tough to do both at the same time. I'll take the smile.

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More and More

by creative8008 In reply to Are you working more hour ...

Well, for me im working more hours that befroe, thats because every year i have to be transfeared to new company in the holding gruop wihch i work with, i beliave that every IT work more hours if the site was new or recently established, getting started from scrach setting up plans for the sites searching for solutions always taking more time than ready site supervising.

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hours worked?

by rytech In reply to Are you working more hour ...

MORE HOURS ~ The trend is still true in many businesses. DO MORE WITH LESS! This is true of my company and its IT department.

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Hours don?t count, only timely solutions

by brianrogers171 In reply to Are you working more hour ...

The management principle of having enough information about a said decision at a set time has been shortened by the immense time reduction concerned. Most CIOs have a very short decision cycle and force all ressources into this short decision cycle, so that everybody concerned has less time to gather conclusive information for the CIO`s decision or projectplan. This causes a veritable collection on working hours as the decision-making reduces todays from the past weeks that were given before an important project was initiated. The reduction in headcount also is a reason for long hours. My hours as an Operations Manager evolved from 50 hours/week to 75 hours/week inside of 4-5 years. This equation will continue until the decision-making cycle is automated in a form of enterprise decision-making methodology.

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Responsibility & Work Load

by dilipj In reply to Are you working more hour ...

IT industry in India is flourishing. If you give good service, happy client gives you more business. More Projects increses more work. More moral as well as administrative responsibility.

Tight Delivary schedules and Superior Quality norms always put you under stress and to work fast.

Definitely it pays you monitarily but definitely destroy's your physical and psychological health. And the rule as "Fittest is the survival". You have to work and keep on proving and updating yourself.

Ultimate result is increased workload and working hours

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More and More hours

by startingover04 In reply to Are you working more hour ...

The larger the corporation gets, they do not increase the IT staffing and we have more and more to do. Everything seems to be switching over into the IT department. Copiers, phones, along with the everyday PC's, networking and printing. Trainging is becoming more and more, since people need to know more to perform their duties on the computer. Training has come into the IT department also.

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