Area-51 m5500 boot problems????

Ive got an m5500 with a d900t board and an ati x800 card. The thing turns on and shows the alienware logo and you can get into the bios, but when it gets past that the screen goes blank. wont reboot with ctrl,alt,del, have to hold pwr button. when i turn it back on sometimes the screen goes all white, sometimes all black, sometimes it posts correctly until it looks for an os again then it goes blank. the video bios is says the card is a x28 in the bios menu not sure if that is a problem. Could anyone tell me if it is the video card, mb, or what???

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It sound like a hardware problem

by animatech In reply to Area-51 m5500 boot proble ...

Is this a new computer or a new graphics card that you bought?
Did you installed new drivers?
Do you have another graphic card to test?
It also could be a connection or power supply or mobo problem.

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no it is used but

by NSOMNIA187 In reply to It sound like a hardware ...

i got the power supply seperate and i had the choice between the 20v 9amp and the 20v 11amp. took the 9 amp to be safe but maybe i should try the 11amp?

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Did it

by animatech In reply to no it is used but

worked when you got it?
Did you tried another known working graphic card?
Did you tried the graphic card on another wkst?

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