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Argumentative co-worker

By rbxmen ·
I just had the experience of dealing with a difficult co-worker. The co-worker is less than competent in my and others opinion. I know more about her area then she does. She is constantly providing less than accurate data to our group.

We had to work on another project together. Once again the information she provided was only about 75 percent correct. I tactfully informed her for the descrepancies. Unfortunately there is a little turf war between our two departments. The work belongsin the other department but our upper management has recognized that we do a better job on critical matters.

We completed the project and was directed by our management to proceed based on our findings. We tried to keep the other group in the loop constantly with emails and updates on our findings.

My counter part was not to happy about being side-stepped again. Her thoughts become single-threaded and she becomes argumentative.

I cannot find a way to successfully deal with this person. In my opinion she is less than skilled and argumentative. I have tried helping her but she seems to have a chip on her shoulder.

Any suggestions?

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Process and sla

by martin.desourdis In reply to Argumentative co-worker

I think you should define with her or with her departement the service level agrement between your two departements,also the important fact to look at right now is the attitude, a persone "undertrain" or "underskilled" can if he or she has the the good attitude get better. For a mather fact.. you'll never be on control of the way that a person does thing especially if you dont like that person,.. but you'll be in 100% of control of how you react to it. I'm dealing with the exact same problem, and I know by experience that this is a frequent problem in most information dept, but I realy think that these kind of problem should be take as an IT instead of a person, maybe you dont know the person enough..try to be a listener insteand then a persecutor...and also be a team player..


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