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By jrcarbone ·
This topic is really important to me & will determine whether or not I will continue to use windows base products. This feature had been used in every copy of windows to my knowledge, except windows 7. It is the ability to arrange MY FOLDERS/LETTERS in the order in which I choose. This also covers moving/dragging a folder from in the middle section of say 50 folders, over to the number 6 position in the very beginnings, of the first row. Why this had been changed in windows 7 is totally a mystery and perhaps it might have been overlooked & then forgotten about. This also raises a very time consuming issue all of us ran into one time or another is the ability to align, move, or drag many folders & keep them all together for the purpose of deletion. When you have to delete one or two folders at a time in let's say a quantity of about 450 folders, that does not create a problem. But deleting 275 folders spread all over your one page work area on your desktop it's a complete disaster. When this is included as part of your job throughout most of the day, weeding these so called bad apples/folders, you ask yourself what was Gates thinking! A feature present from the beginning, now nowhere to be found. Let's hope it is included in windows #8.

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not sure what you are talking

by Sue T In reply to arrangement

about. I have been using windows 7 for well over a year and have these capabilities. My thinking is that you changed a setting or two. also Gates retired a few years ago so I am not sure he had any "thinking" to do with windows 7. Are you sure you are using Windows 7?

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hmm? not sure what you are seeing

by databaseben In reply to arrangement

not sure what you are talking about. i don't have any problems with arranging files.

you can even add tags to files, and sort them with it.

just click on view in menu bar and select details. then click tags.

next right click on the file, select properties, select details and click on tag to add your key word.

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I think I know what he is seeing . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to arrangement

the friggin' really annoying content sniffer of windows exploder
if you don't disable it with a reg hack
it changes the view type based on what it finds in the directory

eg. a directory full of text doc etc. filles can be set to any view for as long as those are the only type of files in the directory
but add one image or video to the directory and it changes the view to thumbnails without asking
add an audio file mp3, wav etc. and it changes the settings again like adding artist, etc info

I'm not a tard and I like details and want the same applied to every directory if I want the extras I'll select them myself
the details I set are
name | size | date | attributes | bitrate

I don't want any others added ever

if I want to see which pic is which I'll start a slide show
thumbnails are useless on anything but thumbs
tiles are useless on anything but ceilings, roofs, and floors
and they certainly don't belong on windows

to get the hack just search for:
Disable Automatic Folder Type Discovery

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