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Arrogant lil workers

By tangle_ellfly38 ·
Sorry to rant but I cannot stand these little arrogant "know it all" jerks anymore.I'm talking about the ones who took some html classes in high freakin' school and can log on and play World of Warcraft.It seems this somehow qualifies them as pc experts.They want to sit back and give the users little smug looks and smart remarks because they can use a right click menu and can spell Linux! It's good and bad how easy it is to learn a little Windows and then get a job imaging computers and doing a little help desk for close to minimum wage. Is pc operations/help desk the next McDonalds for teens?? Is it just me or are they becomming more and more common?? (Apologies to the younger crowd who really do know what they are doing and don't have an "I'm an IT god and you are a mere foolish mortal" complex!)

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Unfortunately is is becoming more common

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Arrogant lil workers

It's the same ones who will be first out the door at the end of work and refuse to work that extra 15 minutes to get the job done.

I saw this about 16 years ago and walked away then from Big Business as these kids used to drive me crazy. There where some really good ones but the majority thought that they Knew it all when they actually knew Bugger All and insisted on doing things their way and messing up things even more and then they would walk out and leave us to fix the mess that they had made. Then try to mess it up again when the came in to work the next day after we had spent hours getting it right.

But what I'm finding now is people completely Computer Illiterate who are now forced to use computers in their business and don't understand why those 80 GIG of music files that they have downloaded for their I Pod prevent the NB running correctly and stop De frag running because there is only 1% of free drive space left.

I honestly have one guy who has paid me for about 25 hours to show him how to work his I Pod. Talk about an expensive Play Toy!

But at least he knows no better and accepts advice but he's just as frustrating as many of those Young Know It Alls as he messes up the system just as often and doesn't know what he's done.


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If we are going to rant.....

by jdclyde In reply to Unfortunately is is becom ...

It is the END user that I have a beef with right now.

How many times has someone come up to you, asking for your advice on purchasing a new computer? You take the time to find out what they are going to use it for, so you can size the computer to the job. when everything is said and done, they end up going to "best buy" or some other department store and buy a cheap piece of crap because the "expert" there told them this was a great computer for what they are going to do.

Then a week later when the computer doesn't work, they have the NERVE to call you and ask you to see what is wrong.

"It is under warrenty, take it back for them to fix it."

I have no sympathy that they can't play their games because they got a cheap computer with on-board everything. You just bought an expensive word processor. Enjoy.

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The Salespeople are another bug bear of mine. :)

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to If we are going to rant.. ...

A few weeks ago I was walking to the bank at the local shopping centre and was cornered by a pimply faced lad attempting to sell me a Dell something.

He just wouldn't accept NO!!!! so I eventually relented and gave a description of my new workstation as a Base Build you know the type of thing a Dual Xeon with 8 + Gig of RAM and some really nifty things that I need as well as several SATA HDD's. He listened to my description and then held up a $1,200.00 NB and went on to extol the virtues of this machine. When I said I needed 2 CPU's he very kindly explained to me that this had a Duo CPU so it actually did have 2 CPU's I didn't have the heart to tell him that the Xenos where the same 2 CPU per chip and the massive 512 MEG of RAM was more than anyone would ever need.

When I put up something that he couldn't point out was better than my specs all he could say was This Is Portable! I eventually escaped and some time latter as I was going somewhere to do some work so I had my tools and NB on me I got hit by the same kid again. I didn't have the time to waste with this guy but from previous experience I knew that anything that I could say would not be enough so I just pulled out my NB which was built in December 04 and asked him what the new Dell could do that my current NB couldn't. It's a Clevo D400E fully loaded so there is nothing more that can be added and it has the biggest CPU that was available a the time though the Dual Cores have since been released. I turned it on allowed windows XP to start I had the XP HDD in it this time for a change and then used the Fingerprint reader to open Windows.

He then insisted that the Dell had WiFi so I flipped a switch and turned on the WiFi and then showed him how to toggle between the WiFi & Buletooth as they both work off the same switch. He then went on to tell me of the accessories that I could get like a Web Cam so I just pointed to the Camera in the Screen opened up the Camera Driver and had a half filled screen of what was going on in front of the camera as well as the voice as the Mic is built into the screen as well.

Anyway not to be outdone he just had to say well mines lighter than your's which it most certainly was but the NB of mine doesn't have batteries that tend to catch fire either and that was where most of the difference was besides my being a 17 inch screen and the one that he was trying to flog off having a 15 inch screen.

And he actually had to complain that the TFT Monitor in my NB is too bright. Seems that LCD Monitors are better because he says so.

But the killer came when 3 people asked him to sell them my NB as it just looked so good and had a much better program load than what the other NB's that they where offering. Needless to say he's left me alone since and you don't know just how thankful I am for that. He was like a Rabid Dog who latched on and wouldn't let go at any price until he had a sale. Of course me telling those people that sorry I can not sell you one of these as it's now a discontinued model the newer ones are better and support the latest hardware didn't go over to well. :^0

Col ]:)

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Dell Batteries Exploding....

by derick.boe In reply to The Salespeople are anoth ...

First those were Sony's problematic batteries, not Dell's. Apple and another company had to recall theirs.
And two; there were only 1 or 2 that actually caught fire, this was just media sensationalism at it's worse.
I'm glad you like your laptop, but there is nothing wrong with the Dell 9400's. I have one and it is by far the best laptop I've ever owned.

And are you sure you have the D400E, as I looked at the specs sheet, and this popped up;
. 14.1" XGA TFT/15.0"XGA/
15.0" SXGA+ TFT
You sure yours is 17 inch??
Sure it's not the best of the best, but it's not crap as many people seem to believe.
I've lived with the knowledge over the past year and a half, that while I was at the college, there was only one person who had a laptop that could outperform this one; a 4000$ Alienware lappy.
I got this 9400 fully loaded for only 1700$. God I love Dell coupon codes.

Enjoy your laptop and that guy that stopped you doesn't know how to sell stuff.

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The Sony Batteries where made to Dell Specs Cheap!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dell Batteries Exploding. ...

And you're right only a couple did burst into flames but the ones that did where impressive and maybe I'm slightly put off by the fact that that brand new 42 inch Plasma did exactly the same thing thankfully while I was watching it so I could pull the power and hit it with a Foam Fire Extinguisher before it burnt the house down.

The end result was that they refused to Honor the warranty because it has been put out with a Foam Fire Extinguisher and not allowed to burn the house down so the problem could not be found. Boy am I glad that I don't leave these things on Standby as I just don't trust them all that much.

As for the Clevo yes it's 17 inch and the correct designation is D400-E where e stands for extra or something similar it's the bigger model than the standard 14 or 15 inch monitor depending on if it was a LCD or TFT. I believe that they have altered the model number for AU for this line and while I could have bought a Centrino system when I built this one I needed the number crunching power that was available on the 3.4 P4 as the then Centrino was much slower. I'm not concerned with Battery life as this is a tool for my work. It came with all the options as standard here as that was how the bare chassis was marketed and all I had to do was pick a CPU some RAM and a HDD to assemble it.

The 15 inch TFT ones where called D400's here not sure why the different designation for what was effectively the same model maybe it was just the Country Importer wishing to offer a better option than anything else that was available at the time in an off the shelf system. It always made it hard as I had to go through the Country Distributer for the correct specs for the machines sold here as they where different to the Clevo Site.

OH BTW the kid was attempting to sell me a Basic 6400 Insperon not the bigger brother it was totally unsuitable for my needs but it's what they had stock of I suppose. The fact that it had Media Centre when I had told him that I absolutely required the Pro version didn't help either.


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Why do I believe nothing you say?

by rl-ns In reply to The Sony Batteries where ...

Why do I believe nothing you say?

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That was a little unkind of me, sorry

by rl-ns In reply to Why do I believe nothing ...

Salesmen suck...

arrogant co-workers suck...

at least u don't have to put up with salesmen all day.. (I hope)

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They are Dell's batteries

by MaeseRalf In reply to The Sony Batteries where ...

You are right. Even Dell Computers admited they sold the batteries, and call their buyers to change them with no cost on shipping and service. It was commented here, and published in the Dell's News papers I receive timely.
They recognize that were Dell specs for a company in China.

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by jordanwaggoner In reply to Dell Batteries Exploding. ...

Looks like the same rabid salesman followed you into the forums....

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Quickest way to shutdown salespeople

by Manitobamike In reply to The Salespeople are anoth ...

I have found the quickest way to shutdown these sales "experts" is to inform them that I need to have at least 2 serial ports to connect up with our PLC devices. Most of the ones I have encountered just end up with a bewildered look on their faces, especially when you tell them it has to be configured as a DTE and have the full acync RS232 signals available.
A few have in the past expressed an interest in learning and asked what a PLC or DTE is but most try to skip over and tell you that it can be added later.

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