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Arrow space engineer?

By rexrich2k ·
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Ahaha! Thanks..

by rexrich2k In reply to Arrow space engineer?

Yes well that's ironic, cause I actually screwed up two words there;

*Aerospace engineer and I meant to say, *Unimpeded by Higher Education! lol

Ok bro look at it this way.. A Landscaper doesn't have to be a good Carpenter like an Engineer doesn't have to be a good Speller!

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I don't know...

by jck In reply to Arrow space engineer?

As a software engineer, I was required to have elevated skills at writing documentation in a clear, concise manner with proper grammar and spelling.

Of course, the industry has changed in the past 20 years. Now, it seems okay to have crappy documentation written in fragmented English.

Go figure. You don't have to worry about the quality of your product as long as someone's buying it. lol

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Shortly after M$ Office was released

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I don't know...

I was given a Secretary by the Powers that Be at the Company.

Apparently they got sick and tired of me writing my own documents and no one in Upper Management could understand what I was saying. Sure they understood the funds expended but most of the time they couldn't understand what it was I was spending that money on.

Anyway they put a Secretary in place who was there to interpret what i was trying to say in such a manner that they could understand. This was an experience. The words where at least spelled correctly even if they where in American and not Real English. But quite often the wrong words where used. Things like Porpoise instead of Purpose which was the best one that I still remember but the obvious ones like Two, to, too and for instead of four and things like that.

I found her typing unacceptable and she was supposed to be one of the better Secretaries in the building and that was the best that she was doing. Even then that was at a High Standard compared to today where the Word Processor is King and is perfect so you never need to check it's output. I've since got lazy and as others seem to think that it is OK to send letters out like that I've eventually fallen in with the crowd and just accepted things as I'm too busy working for myself now to care.

I did hold out for quite a few years and was constantly told that provided we understand what you are saying it's OK so apparently saying things like Educating Porpoises instead of Education Purposes is perfectly fine. Now I deliberately use the wrong words just to get a laugh.


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