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    Article on BIOS


    by mjackman ·

    Hello – thought I’d try out the discussion center for some input from members.

    I’m the editor of PC (Hardware) Troubleshooting in TechProGuild (a subscription site run by TechRepublic). I’m thinking of writing a technical series on the BIOS – andI’m wondering if you think such a series would be helpful from a network admin point of view.

    Things I’m thinking of covering are BIOS/Windows conflicts, extending the BIOS with third party tools, what the BIOS is.

    Do you think this would bea helpful series? IF so, what would you like to be covered?

    Thanks for your comments.

    Mike Jackman
    PC Troubleshooter Report

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      Bios updates

      by greenwalt ·

      In reply to Article on BIOS

      I find many times authors of programs mention updating my bios to be able to run some of the latest programs. This is not an easy thing to do when so much information is needed and hard to find. I have yet to do this, but would appreciate information to help me in the proper steps needed to update. I find this is a common problem. I think a forum on this subject would be very helpful.


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        Why discussion about BIOS-updates?

        by ollioe ·

        In reply to Bios updates

        A BIOS-Update is very easy. All you need is the BIOS ID-String.Get it by pressing the PAUSE lock at booting. Or take Free-Products from At http// you`ll get you updte within the needed flasher.
        The more you know …

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          Warning on BIOS Updates! make sure you have correct version for your M/B

          by why me worry? ·

          In reply to Why discussion about BIOS-updates?

          for your motherboard and BIOS, or else you will find youself scrambling to buy a new motherboard. This may not be so prominent today, as many new flashing utilities will check to make sure you aren’t about to hose your system with the wrong BIOS version, but not everyone does this and the warnings on the BIOS manufacturer’s website are plenty. I’ll admit that I once dowloaded the wrong BIOS for my old P3 Tyan motherboard and ended up hosing the onboard floppy and IDE controller logic. I realized my mistake quickly upon reboot, but even downloading the correct firmware was useless because at this point, all connections to floppy and hard drives were shot. It’s unusual to find that you lose options you had in the BIOS before the update, so my thought would be that you may have flashed with the wrong BIOS. If all of a sudden your floppy drives, USB, or IDE controllers stop functioning after a BIOS update, you immediately know that you screwed up something.

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      I think this could be of great value.

      by mike.confer ·

      In reply to Article on BIOS

      A bios update is easy when someone takes you step by step and does it with you. I would like these questions answered: How do you find the bios update? How do you associate an update with a flash program? Can you blow it? are flash programs interchangable with different updates? If the bios is name brand, your search should be easier. But what if the motherboard is no-name? How do you know if the flash took? Can you restore the old bios? What are the steps to making the disk? What aresignificances of the the many BIOS settings. Which one are outdated? I have too many questions on this subject. If you don’t write some articles on this subject or start a discusion, email me with the answers.

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        No such thing as “No name motherboards”. What are you talking about?

        by why me worry? ·

        In reply to I think this could be of great value.

        Anything with a BIOS has a manufacturer associated with it. It may not be a common one such as IBM, but every motherboard has a manufacturer, such as Acer, Abit, Tyan, etc. Every motherboard manufacturer I know of has a website where you can download the flash utility and the latest ROM code for your specific motherboard and BIOS. Even cheap $10 modems can be flashed by downloading the latest firmware from the manufacturer’s website. Updating the BIOS isn’t rocket science, but you do need to be very careful in ensuring that you have the right utility and ROM code for your specific motherboard and BIOS revision, which can’t be emphasized enough, as I have trashed my BIOS once from not being careful.

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      Article on Bios – definitely!

      by xiuyuen ·

      In reply to Article on BIOS

      I’d been having problems not being able to see in my Bios Setup options of being able to set single processor mode or hyperthreading enabled or on Both channels. These were available before updating bios. I need to know how to get those back, setting up defaults and clearing CMOS didn’t work. Searching on the internet and manufacturer’s (Intel) site has been fruitless.

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