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    Artifical Intelligence


    by trocksu3 ·

    Can someone please help me with naming 2 types of Artifical Intelligence?

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      How about this? …

      by jardinier ·

      In reply to Artifical Intelligence

      1. The AI would have to have the capacity to LEARN according to new stimuli and circumstances, and adjust it’s programming accordingly.

      2. Another type of AI might have the ability to self-heal and self-mend, but would always be confined to its initial programming.

      So if it’s names you want, there would be the “learning AI” as distinct from the “self-maintaining AI.”

      Let me know if this does not satisfactorily answer your question, as AI is a subject of great interest to me.

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      how bout….

      by jkaras ·

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      1.George Bush dye for a blonde
      3.any type of diploma
      4.your boss

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      2 good ones

      by bldsm ·

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      a microwave oven and a robot designed to build car parts

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