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By mukesh_niceguy ·
I am doing some R&amp in the field of Natural Language Processing. But I wanted to know what are the most efficient & practical approaches & methods used in the field of NLP.

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A history of "electronic" Data Buckets!

by donq In reply to Artificial intelligence

What an interesting task! The art of writing or placing letters, numbers, and symbols one behind the other to tell a story is almost without limit. The art of storing electronic business data just as characters are stored in the alphabet, number set, and symbol sets DEFINES THE HOME of "Artificial Intelligence" to the computer world. For the first 50 years defining our industry standards has been predominately associated with a naming convention called "Hungarian Naming" when referencing data modeling and/or database normalization. Regretfully Hungarian Notation does not lend itself to database normalization seamlessly, and to my understanding the database engine represents the power behind ?Artificial Intelligence?.

Shortly we willbe inundated with a new, and hierarchically correct naming convention aptly named ?Business Notation?. Your timing could not be better if in fact you are attempting a serious study. Good luck and I will be watching your responses with interest! Don Quigg at

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