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AS/400 and iSeries general questions

By yuss ·
I have some newbie questions that I hope you can help me with.
1. What is the difference between the iSeries and the AS/400, Is the iSeries the new name for the AS/400?
2. Does the OS/400 operating system run on the iSeries or is it unique to the AS/400.

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AS400 = iSeries

by ejtucker In reply to AS/400 and iSeries genera ...


Yes the iSeries is the AS400. As part of a rebranding last year (year before??) IBM relabled their server lines under the eServer logo.
S/390 became zSeries
Netfinity became xSeries
RS6000 became pSeries
and the AS400 became iSeries
Except for the linux noise (which is still run as a VM under os/400) the operating system support is the same

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iSeries/400 vs AS/400......

by barracuda In reply to AS/400 and iSeries genera ...

IMHO....and based on my own experiences...

Short answer: The AS/400 and iSeries/400 are for the most part identical; it was a marketing re-arrangement by IBM that was supposed to clear up confusion on what servers were available from IBM. Here'sa good IBM explaining it:

For the the OS, the newest iSeries/400s will only work on the newest OS level (V5R1 and up) due to new hardware, etc in order for the '400 to run as a web server, etc. However, the older AS/400s can run on V5R1 and below...

Hope this helps...

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