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By alarbed ·
Hi Experts,

I have an issue with NAT, while configuring three zones asa implementation (Outside/Dmz/Inside).

Objective is:
Allow all inside to internet
Allow Dmz to internet (OS/Apps updates)
Allow some services/ports from internet to Dmz
Allow some services/port from internet to inside

ACL's working fine, but NAT is not, here what I am doing:


! Dynamic NAT for both Inside & DMZ to Internet
global (outside) 100 interface
nat (Dmz) 100
nat (inside) 100

! public address to server in DMZ
static (Dmz,outside) netmask
! public address to server in Inside
static (inside,outside) netmask
! allow webserver to access DB Servers inside
static (Dmz,inside) netmask

The point is, when I configure the above, Dmz zone to inside does not work!
but when I stop "static (Dmz,Inside)", all the inside loose the connection to the net, but all other direction work fine!

Any idea why?


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by NetMan1958 In reply to Asa Dmz Config

I don't know if this is causing your problem but it doesn't look right. According to this:
you are using on your LAN(inside). But you have this:
"! public address to server in Inside
static (inside,outside) netmask "
Unless that is a mis-print, you are trying to static NAT the inside to an IP on the DMZ subnet.

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