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Asana vs Todoist vs Asana ?

By ebb ·
I'll soon be making the jump to self-employment. I tend to rotate through list programs to keep track of everything on my own overloaded plate of both work & personal projects/tasks/errands/whatever.
I'm going to self-employed, with a retainer with my previous employer while working towards completing some large open projects. I will be finding other clients as well, though they may be shorter term jobs.
It'd be nice for the interface to appear simplistic, should any client opt to sign in and monitor their requests, but primarily, I want to be able to be able to segment the workloads by client, but also have the big picture oversight for my own management.
I work on a Windows desktop, a MacBookPro, an iPad 2, an iPod (well I carry one), and an Android phone. Cross platform accessibility while stationary or remote is a strong necessity, but I certainly don't expect something to work across every platform with uniform functionality.

I've most recently latched onto Asana, Todoist & Wedoist, but they each have slight pitfalls from the other, that I'm not sure which 'benefit' to lose and just plow ahead with one of them.

Todoist: has the broadest cross-platform functionality so far. Very simple interface, easy to build projects and just indent them to have subprojects, each with tasks. However, there isn't a view that lets you see all upcoming tasks (with dates) along with tasks without dates. So I'd have to assign a date to every single item even if there wasn't really a due date for it. There is no way for collaboration unless another person signs up for their own account too.
Premium acct is a completely reasonable price.

Wedoist: the project/collaboration version of Todoist that seems newer, with less cross-platform functionality so far. You can invite people to access your projects, but I'm not clear on the level of segmentation about that. Plus you can link, store & share files relative to projects, which isn't part of Todoist. They sound like they are planning to link the two tools somehow, but no forecast of when.

Asana: seems much more structured & well featured for team colaboration & personal management. There are limitations of administrating collaborating with others depending on which account type is setup initially, which I'm still trying to figure out. The strongest negative here is that the interface while setup to work with multiple browsers (and will even integrate with my PayDirt invoice/time tracking account through a Chrome Addon) it does not work at all with iPad's browser. The Android & iPhone apps exist but are missing a lot of functionality that is necessary while getting yourself setup. They might feel less limited when things are already defined & established.

Have any of you trialed or worked with any of these tools? What were your experiences, good or bad? I'm reaching that point of analysis paralysis and need external advice, please!

Thank you for reading this far!

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