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Ascending Tangents

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by Gooder In reply to Ascending Tangents

<p>Well it's about time I got on this blog bandwagon, so here I am to bring my thoughts and experiences to the world at large. I'm something of a blog newbie, so feel free to slap me if this turns into a confessional, or I missed some point of etiquette I didn't know about!</p>
<p>A bit of background on me to start this off:</p>
<p>I head up a business systems department for a mid-size company in the UK. I'm responsible for all matters of IT, telecommunications, and a few odd bits of "other" technology around the company, plus the people management for a tech and development team of five. I also drive (or try to) the development of the company's technology strategy, which being what it is, is never finished and always changing. </p>
<p>The things I'll write about are probably the usual woes experienced by every IT manager, director, CIO, the world over. But I do promise to tell how I dealt with it, or how I think I should deal with it (and hope for some encouragement from you guys)! I might throw in the odd anecdote now and then to lighten the mood.</p>
<p>If I haven't lost you already, then all is well!</p>
<p>Damn, I wish this blog form didn't keep reloading the buttons with every keypress! Autocorrect would be handy too - I think future blogs will be pre-written in Word!</p>
<p>Oh, by the way, I do tend to digress on occasion - don't let it distract you!</p>
<p>Must get back to work. Nice to have met you. Later!</p>
<p> </p>

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