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    ASG Cypress inbox


    by rwg1327 ·

    Has anyone here heard of Cypress inbox? I work for a doctors office and they use this service to get their hospital reports. They log in with IE8 using this service which uses citrix and active x. The problem is it can only be done with a power user account or better. Their accounts are only standard users. I don’t want them to have any kind of permissions to change the computer. The OS is Windows XP Pro. When I talk to the help desk at the hospital they don’t know how to help me.

    Any thoughts

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      Find out exactly what permissions are really needed.

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to ASG Cypress inbox

      Or why they are needed, and by what element of this system. Then you can grant those exact permissions.

      I can’t figure why the clients of this system would need elevated privileges.

      But maybe you should contact the vendor and see if this is, in fact, true, or if it only has something to do with the way your network/workstations were deployed. (What sort of network? What versions of Windows on the clients and servers?)
      (Some interesting results)

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        Vendor contact

        by rwg1327 ·

        In reply to Find out exactly what permissions are really needed.

        I’ve tried calling the vendor directly, but they won’t help me since we do not have a contract with them. They told me to contact the hospital, but they are of no help either. We’ve had this problem ever since the hospital updated the software on their end.

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