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Asian language support in Firefox

By jardinier ·
I have installed a multiple language translation feature in two of my websites.

Firefox can read Chinese, but not Japanese or Korean. I was advised to download Japanese in IE, which works in IE but not in Firefox.

So, from where do I download Japanese and Korean language support for Firefox?

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by TheChas In reply to Asian language support in ...


From the Extensions Page at

Here are a few extensions I found that might take care of what you need.**8/

There is also a Japanese version of Firefox.


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by TheChas In reply to


I thought I found it in the options settings, but it did not work for me.

Open tools, options.

On the Content tab, in the Fonts and Colors section, select Advanced.
Change the default encoding to the language you wish to use.
Then, select the font for that language.
Select appropriate fonts for each style of text.

Then, go to the Advanced tab and select the General sub-tab.
Click on edit languages. In the add languages section, select and add the additional languages you need.

I get a lot of ??? when I change the font and click on the link on your page.

My guess is that I do not have the correct fonts installed on my PC.


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by jardinier In reply to Asian language support in ...

Thanks Chas. I have checked these links and I don't think that is what I am looking for. I already have the translation facility on the websites. Not that I will be reading the websites in these Asian languages, and I imagine people in these countries will have the relevant language on their computers.

You can check the facility I have added on the front page of

So I would not be wanting a translation facility, but just the appropriate alphabet on my computer.

I purchased this service at a special introductory offer of $15 per month for 10 languages. A friend has already checked the French version and said it is 100 per cent accurate. I am waiting a reply from a Chinese friend regarding that language. The free version of (to which I have previously posted links on my websites) gives a very poor translation indeed.

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