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    Ask for help selecting the MCU development board

    by lisa-censtry ·

    Hello everyone, I am engaged in electrical professional work, and I have studied the theoretical part of 80C51 single-chip microcomputer. Now I want to study the single-chip microcomputer systematically.
    I am a little confused in the choice of development board. I don’t know the specific performance,
    I hope you can help.

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      MCU development board

      by jimmywheelerlja04 ·

      In reply to Ask for help selecting the MCU development board

      It is recommended to buy some original pins such as single-chip microcomputer (Dip package), capacitors, resistors, leds, DuPont first, pin cables, and then buy a serial cable and a bread board. Find a minimum system circuit diagram of 51 by yourself, and build a minimum system on the breadboard; try to write a small program for lighting and timer!

      There are too many functions on the board, and I won’t be able to learn it for a while. , Make a simple one first!

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      Small world. It’s been decades but

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Ask for help selecting the MCU development board

      I can’t reveal all but one of my designs that went to production used the 8051 device. looks complete, under 100USD and has the usual Keil software.

      My system was completed in 80×51 Assembly language (see ) and I see TASM for the 80×51 is still out there.

      Parting note: Frankly I would not use the classic 80C51 today as that model would be a PITA to get to market as it threw out a lot of RFI. I suggest those getting into embedded take a look at Arduini and chips/kits at

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