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Ask for help selecting the MCU development board

By Lisa-Censtry ·
Hello everyone, I am engaged in electrical professional work, and I have studied the theoretical part of 80C51 single-chip microcomputer. Now I want to study the single-chip microcomputer systematically.
I am a little confused in the choice of development board. I don't know the specific performance,
I hope you can help.
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MCU development board

by jimmywheelerlja04 In reply to Ask for help selecting th ...

It is recommended to buy some original pins such as single-chip microcomputer (Dip package), capacitors, resistors, leds, DuPont first, pin cables, and then buy a serial cable and a bread board. Find a minimum system circuit diagram of 51 by yourself, and build a minimum system on the breadboard; try to write a small program for lighting and timer!

There are too many functions on the board, and I won’t be able to learn it for a while. , Make a simple one first!

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Small world. It's been decades but

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Ask for help selecting th ...

I can't reveal all but one of my designs that went to production used the 8051 device.

https://www.silabs.com/development-tools/mcu/8-bit/c8051f005-development-kit looks complete, under 100USD and has the usual Keil software.

My system was completed in 80x51 Assembly language (see https://techterms.com/definition/assembly_language ) and I see TASM for the 80x51 is still out there.

Parting note: Frankly I would not use the classic 80C51 today as that model would be a PITA to get to market as it threw out a lot of RFI. I suggest those getting into embedded take a look at Arduini and chips/kits at MicroChip.com

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