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Ask me anything

By Devious0ne ·
I'm eating sandwiches, ask me anything.

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Come on

by Devious0ne In reply to Ask me anything

Come on guys, ask me questions.

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by NoobITGuy In reply to Come on

As my name suggests, I am a new IT guy. Currently, I'm lost in the sauce. Could you maybe give me a list of basic things I should know, should be studying, should be able to do?
I work for a mid size company, under another IT guy. The expectation is that I will accrue the knowledge he has had 15 years to learn in about three months. At the end of this week, month one comes to an end. I don't feel that I even have the basics of IT. Aside from, setting up new user accounts, re-imaging laptops, and the occasional hardware fix, I feel useless.

If I had a list of software and hardware concepts, I feel like I would be able to learn alot quicker at work and on my own time. Please help.

Also, what are the different ways to connect a user to a printer. Especially,a user who is printing stuff on a personal computer at home, from a work workstation.

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Printing problem

by perakis In reply to Ask me anything

Hi! I am a fan of! Everyday i take newsletters on my email and i have to admit it has various subjects i am interested in. When i found something interesting i am trying to print it. The problem is that always in the left section in the page it has the icon ''Manage Cookies" and that prevent this section of the page to print correctly because it hiddens information! Do you have a solution for that?

Thank you!

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