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Asking for a hiring decision deadline

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Do you agree with Nick that you should establish a decision deadline before leaving the interview? Tell us what you think about asking potential employers for a hiring decision deadline, as featured in Monday's Career Advice e-newsletter. Have you ever asked for a decision deadline in an interview? How did it work out?

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Always get a deadline

by The Chad In reply to Asking for a hiring decis ...

This is true when dealing with vendors, talking to the help desk, handling bosses, and going to interviews. You're not asking them for their actual decision, just when they will get back to you.

Invariably, they will say, "We don't know when we can get back to you." At that point, you respond, "That's fine. How about you give me a call next Wednesday and let me know where we stand _EVEN IF NO DECISIONS HAVE BEEN MADE YET_."

Unfortunately, the norm is to leave the other party hanging. Coming from the other side, it is much easier to let the interviewee know Wednesday that you are still working on the decision, but you can set a firm date of, say, next Monday. This helps everyone.

Personally, if I ask for a date and they don't give me one then I ask for a touch-base date. If they don't honor the touch-base date, then I usually seriously start looking at other opportunities. More than once a company has failed to bring me on due to a simple courtesy phone call, only to discover too late that they wanted me after I started at their competitor.

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Yes, yes, and Yes!

by ghstinshll In reply to Asking for a hiring decis ...

Asking the employers status in a professional matter, not a selfish one, establishes that you respect the project management format necessary to complete the hiring process. It also gives you a date to follow up on to kiss up a little more before they decide, or at least a date for which you can follow up on.

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Sad but true

by nrayburn In reply to Yes, yes, and Yes!

I agree with both the above but would like to comment further on "follow ups" as a whole.
Especially with helpdesk type personel I usually have to add something to the effect of "Could you call me EVEN IF you still don't know by such and such a time". Nothing ticks me off more than when a rep does NOT do follow up simply because they do not know or have an answer. I don't have a problem with someone not knowing but the least they could do is get back to me at some pre determined time and say"just wanted to let you know that we are still working on it".
However, with regards to an interview I always ask when will you have a decision? Shoot, I will call them myself at the designated time even if I didn't get the job because I usually put off applying for more jobs until I know if I got the one I just interviewed for. Notice I did not say I would not stop other interviews I just ease up on the intensity of my search when I get an interview.

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Must get a response deadline.!!!!

by lb_nz In reply to Asking for a hiring decis ...

Absolutely essential to get a deadline.
? If you take your car to the shop, do you just leave it until they auction it off 2 months later, or do you ask when it will be ready and request a quote ?
Its your life, the employer dosent care about your life, you are a number from a bunch of numbers labelled applicants. Take responsibility and take charge.

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