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By nean_72 ·
I am trying to break into the software development side of IT. I graduated in August with a degree in computer engineering (took me awhile to get the degree). I have been applying for jobs ever since. My previsious work experience has all been in retail. I have gotten eight interviews since I graduated from Verizon, TechData, Raytheon, CAE, Avionyx, Children Hope Hospital, New Horizon, and recently Spellex Corp. All the responses are basically the same. We like you but so-and-so has the technical experience we were looking for. In the beginning I was targeting Department of Defense companies but recently I've been going for anything I can get. I going to lose my job in retail because of a store closing in three weeks. Some of the things I did in school were C programming, Oracle (PL/SQL) programming, and ASIC chip design. I have retail management experience. I have heard alot of suggestions about doing volunteer work to get started and also going for temp-to-perm positions. I currently live in the Tampa area but have the possibility of moving to either the Atlanta or Sacremento area because of family. I welcome any and all suggestions.

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Software developer jobs in the U.S.

by In reply to Asking for advise


Breaking into software development has always been problematic because employers are always looking for experience. When you're just starting out you don't have any. The interview experiences you cite are very common. But...

Today, the software developer job category is under assault from multiple fronts. That career path is just not going to be the same as it was just a few years ago due to:

- Offshoring of hundreds of thousands software engineer jobs, principally to India (4).

- Onshoring of hundreds of thousands foreign software engineers through H-1B visas (1)(2)(3).

If you are persistent, I'm sure you'll eventually get your first computer programming job. But, be prepared for a rough go in the coming years. The ceiling is going to be a lot lower than it was just a few years ago. All the way along, the presence of cheap software engineers is going to hold the salaries down. You are going to need to accept that.

Suggestion: Consider using your talent in another occupation that isn't under such downward salary pressure. It could still be computer-related, just not pure heads-down software development (the job you said you wanted to have).

Since you're new and I presume young, I want to emphasize that "cheap" and "overseas" is not related to "poor" or "poor quality" or "ineffective" or "uncompetitive". There are a great many very bright highly educated software engineers offshore or from offshore, principally from India, but also from many other countries.

This a lot to lay on you, I know. But, it is the truth and you need to open your eyes pretty wide to understand what is going on and make the best decision for yourself.

Good luck to you.


P.S. Bill Gates says he cannot find you. You might give him a call (5). :-)



Beware of strange conclusions and irrelevant "evidence"

Spell it correctly! It's SweatSHIP, not SweatSHOP.

(3) Hundreds of thousands of onshored foreign software engineers

This can be measured pretty accurately using the H-1B visa statistics (1).

(4) Hundreds of thousands of offshored software engineers

The actual number is impossible to obtain because the companies doing don't disclose it. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests it is in the ballpark of hundreds of thousands and will grow a lot going forward.

Gates urges end to H-1B visa limits,10801,101371,00.html?from=story%5Fkc

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by jmgarvin In reply to Software developer jobs i ...

How ever the IT market is opening up a little. The quality coming out of India ranges from very poor to pretty good, but the quality control over there is 0!

The oursourcing of some of the jobs was jumping the gun a bit so a few flavors are coming back.

Good luck! If you want to work pro-bono and do software development give me an email and I've got some work for you (but not funding...)

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