asking for username and pass when mapping drive

By Cudmasters Los ·
i was wondering on why on the same folder, some of my computers will ask me for the username and password when mapping a drive, and some won't. I have to choose, use another account.

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Assuming that this is XP and assuming this is a workgroup

by robo_dev In reply to asking for username and p ...

Some changes include:

1) PC has 'simple file sharing' enabled

2) PC folder sharing settings set to allow "everyone"

3) PC security policy settings different

The tricky one in XP is when "Guest Only" is set in policy for share permissions....

****Open the start menu-->Run--> type secpol.msc and press enter -->
local policies--> security options--> Network Access: Sharing and security model for local accounts-->

Change this option from "Guest Only" to "Classic: Local users authenticate as themselves"

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You'll have to give us a bit more information here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to asking for username and p ...

What type of Network is involved here?

Is there a Domain Controller with AD or GP's Set?

What OS are involved here?

When it comes to sharing the same file it's possible that some of the systems/user accounts are Trusted and others are not but that all depends on the type of network.


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so many Scenarios

by Cudmasters Los In reply to You'll have to give us a ...

i have a buffalo terastation and a server. there are so many scenarios it's hard to keep track, but with the terastation all involving xp. simple file sharing is not abled, and EVERYONE not added, also it is in a workgroup.

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do you use

by Sue T In reply to asking for username and p ...

the same username and password on all of these computers when you log on? If not, then maybe the user that is logged on does not have permission to that mapped drive.

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username and password

by Cudmasters Los In reply to do you use

i use the same username and password to log into the folder. i am the only one that has a username and password for this folder. half will ask for a username and password as soon as i map, the other half, i have to log on as other user. can't put my finger on it, first i thought it was "use simple file sharing", but when it did it to a computer where it was not enabled, that's where i got stumped.

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by Sue T In reply to username and password

are all of the computers in the same workgroup? Also, when you map a drive there is the option to connect using a different username and password that you can tell it to remember. I know that isn't a great fix but it should help to keep you from always having to enter it on those computers.

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