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By ahmed2324 ·
Dear Sir/Madam,
i have an ASP application in such way the the first page the user should enter his name and password and then this will transfer him to another page , in this second page once the user enters a Mobile no it will make connection to the database ( oracle 8i) and will display information and details about the entered mobile no and the user can update this record ,
the problem is sometimes when the user enters the mobile no , it will be very slow to retreive its details from the database
so please let me know what is the problem , is it from my Asp application if so please let me know how i can speed up this application
or is it from the database so if the problem from the database please let me know how i can solve this problem

( by the way so many users are using this application at a time and i have around 145000 record in my table)

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by mdv3441 In reply to ASP

First I would run the query outside the Page using Toad or what have you to see if the query needs optimizing. Are you using hints? Finally switch to SQL Server, much faster.

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by HenryStinson In reply to ASP

The suggestion to switch from Oracle to SQL Server "because it's faster" is not a valid suggestion in my view. First, the developer usually is constrained by the DBMS that his/her employer owns and uses. Second, the statement that SQL Server is faster than Oracle is not valid; although it might be true for certain databases and for some queries. Such a suggestion opens up the big, ongoing near-religious debate over which DBMS is faster. I use both, and Oracle can be lightning fast (provided the right indexes are in place), especially for version 9.2 and later with cost-based optimmization in place. It's been my experience with Oracle, that, besides adding indexes (judicously, as needed), that a tool such as SQL Navigotor (made by maker of Toad) can provide optimization suggestions, even inserting hints. It's also been my experience that once cost based optimization is turned on in the Oracle database, that hints are rarely needed. If your query involves any temp tables (a bad idea in Oracle, in my book) and any aggregate functions or group-by, it may be that Oracle Analytics (an odd syntax/grammar version for queries that only Oracle provides) can dramatically speed up many such queries. Check Tom Kyte's "AskTom" on for info on how to use Analytics. It's an awesome tool. SQL Server does not have the hierarchical "connect-by" query syntax that Oracle provides. So there are certain advantages to Oracle and certain ones to SQL Server.

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