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By T Mike ·
I have been given some space to play with & learn...ASP.(thanks to brinkster)
boy-oh-boy.....and I thought that html that you folks work with was confusing.
Generally,I know nothing...I am starting to pick up the basics of this question is:
can I :use html while trying to use/learn/deploy this ASP...-or is this something that 'replaces html'.
Some of what I am reading makes me think it is designed to aid & assist using the html...but I am confused..
for example would html be used 'outside and independant of these <%></%>'
I appreciate any help here-stumped in nSeattle-

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Difference between HTML and ASP

by sMoRTy71 In reply to ASP and HTML

An HTML document is simply a static text file that your browser software downloads. The HTML tags in the file tell the browser how to display its contents. All of the work is done on the client side.

An Active Server Page is basically just a more dynamic HTML file. It uses VBScript or Javascript to perform tasks on the server side. An example of this would be retrieving information from a database.

So ASP is really just a way of making an HTML file more dynamic. It doesn't replace HTML, it extends it.

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Thanks!I do have alot to learn!!

by T Mike In reply to Difference between HTML a ...
this place is giving away(a)the store/& a portal.(ASP naturally)-I am using W98 & limited ...cannot use the ISPY offering I have found.
I found this while searching out info on the site...

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by shabir_hakim1 In reply to ASP and HTML

Html is markup language used to present data on web pages that is all i mean it is static .e.g
you can create text box in html by typing "<input type="text" name="t1">
but it is not possible to accept data through it by using html,for that we require script languages
so we can mix up html and Asp to make dynamic websites(Intractive)
yes you have to embed asp code with in<% %>

remember asp is server side scripting language and is product of microsoft

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by nherbert1 In reply to ASP & HTML REPLY

I am needing to use .asp. Our company will be using an Application Service Provider. What questions will I need to ask them? Where do I find a simple tutuorial that will help me get started?

Thank you.

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