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ASP and scripting

By davoud ·
Planning to learn ASP.

I am just wondering which scripting language is more functional and easy to learn, VBscript, javascript,....


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by Choppit In reply to ASP and scripting

For client side scripting I'd choose javascript over VBscript purely for cross platform/browser compatability.

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by davoud In reply to Javascript

Thanks for your message, Choppit. What iff somebody turns off the javascript in the browser?

and I would like to learn both client side and server side scripting.

For example if I want to design a login page, I need an asp file and scripting to process the information automatically. what do you recommend in this case?

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Web scripting

by Choppit In reply to

I'm certainly no expert in this area and have very limited experience of web scripting myself. (My entire web application development experience spans the last 2 months working with PHP and Javascript!). But heres my view anyway....

Your choice of server side scripting language will largely be determined by your server platform. For an MS platform the obvious choice (for me) would be ASP although I understand that there are some ASP implementations for Linux. PHP on the other hand is well supported on Windows and Linux.

On the client side you've rightly pointed out that a user could turn off Javascript, although the same could apply to VBscript and particularly if the users browser is not IE. The difference is that Javascript is supported in most modern browsers (if the user allows) whereas VBscript is supported only on Microsoft browsers and platforms.

The more processing and validation is carried out server side, the less you'll need to depend on client side scripting.

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by davoud In reply to Web scripting

Thanks for the replies. I guess php and javascript would be the better choices.

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